DETROIT (WWJ)– The Detroit Police Department held another gun buy back program Tuesday — in an effort to get as many guns off the streets as possible before the start of the school year. Police collected unloaded weapons, no questions asked, paying out as much as $200 per gun, depending on

gun buy back line Hundreds Line Up For Gun Buy Back Program
Line to turn in guns. (WWJ Photo/Vickie Thomas)

 the type of firearm.

However, the buy back does have its skeptics, including some gun rights advocates who question whether these programs actually do any good. Detroiter Omar Collins doesn’t believe the program really works.

“All they’re gonna get is junk guns that people don’t want anyway,” Collins said. “I mean, no one’s gonna give away a $600 or $500 gun that’s operational and that can keep them secure.”

Others say those with illegal guns aren’t going to turn them in, either.

“They — the police — would be better off, you know, telling citizens to arm themselves because we can’t be everywhere all the time,” Collins added. “And, they just need to be honest about that.”

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee defended the program.

“We’re under no delusions that bad people are gonna turn their guns in, but we do understand that a number of guns that lie around can be taken in home invasions,” Godbee said.

“You children get ahold to them, so, to the extent that we get those guns off the street, I think it’s tremendous,” he said.

Detroit Mayor Dave didn’t express surprise at seeing the long line. Instead, he was pleased.

“I read these reports every 24 hours and it’s unbelievable how many guns are in the hands of our young people. And people get angry
for whatever the reasons may be and make some bad decisions, but I’m so  pleased that Bishop Vann is doing this,” said Bing.

The event, at Second Ebenezer Baptist Church, ended at 3 p.m..

It was the fourth such event hosted by Bishop Edgar Vann and the church.


Comments (5)
  1. Roy says:

    What’s the reason for this gun buy back? Have you convinced the gang members to give up their guns? Are you buying guns that have been stolen from local citizens? Are you taking guns that citizens need for self protection but need $200 worse so they’re relinquishing their weapons. Since the crime rate in Detroit is at an all time high shouldn’t the police be distributing guns to law abiding citizens?

  2. liberty says:

    Here’s another time WWJ gets it wrong. To say someone is ‘buying back’ something, means they owned it in the first place. The state, in ANY form does not sell you your firearm. To use those words, ‘buying back’, WWJ shows once again that it is not showing good American Journalistic integrity.

    1. mfusinski says:

      Hi “liberty”. Thanks for your comments. “Gun Buy Back” is the official name of the program, as annouced by the City of Detroit Police Department Office of Public Information.

      1. liberty says:

        Fair enough,that is the name the Detroit Police gave it. However, WWJ has a much deeper responsibility to question authorities on everything they do. To not do so will turn Detroit into another Chicago, with all its unethical, authoritarian politics.

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