Pair Gets 30 Days Each For Levin Pie Attack

GRAND RAPIDS (AP) – Two recent college graduates have been sentenced to 30 days in jail for putting a pie in the face of U.S. Sen. Carl Levin. Ahlam Mohsen and Max Kantar were handed over Tuesday to U.S. marshals after their sentencing in federal court in Grand Rapids.

Mohsen says she put an apple pie in Levin’s face a year ago to protest his positions on foreign policy.

The crust was removed to eliminate any physical harm.

The incident occurred at a Big Rapids deli where the Democrat was meeting with constituents. It’s 50 miles north of Grand Rapids.

The 23-year-old Mohsen graduated with honors from Michigan State University. The 24-year-old Kantar is a graduate of Ferris State University. He read a statement at the public forum before Levin was hit with pie.

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  • George L. Keller


    I hope they also have to bear some, or all, of the court and jail costs resulting from their rude display.

    • Klaus

      Americans are a weak people. They consume themselves with trivialities while they cower from any tough or moral choice. Here is a Senator who cries like a baby because one of his bosses, a taxpayer, hit him with a pie. Meanwhile, this Senator stands idly by as our Constitution is trampled upon, as the 9/11 conspirators walk free, as our economy is deliberately imploded by an international banking cartel, as a military-industrial complex is being used by foreign globalists to establish a global police state. He should use the pie as a message he must repent and change his ways, be a man, and seek justice for We the People.

  • Renaldo

    This sort of premeditated low-level terrorism needs to be given the max sentence. Assault and stifling free speech shouldn’t be tolerated. Unfortunately, the leftists in many Universities don’t believe in civil rights or free speech. They believe in mob rule and speech control.

    • Bearleton

      Terrorism Renaldo?

      Were you crying terrorism when someone tried to hit Murdoch with a pie on national TV?

      I think not.

    • bill

      get real, it was a pie. they should walk free

      • John C

        Would you think the same if they pied you?

      • tbmiller421

        I think it was an assault and a disruption of a political event. You have a right to assemble and to speak freely, but you just do not have the right to assault a person. I would not want people messing up my face and hair, or getting pie fillings on my clothes.

      • Klaus

        In 2011 America, if a man tries to defend his castle, and hits an intruder with a pie, the American courts of injustice will sentence the homeowner to prison, for defending his private property.

    • Joe

      Terrorism, really???? Get a life… we are all enslaved by a group of Illuminati Satanists. Do your own research and stop listening to the news. Once you find out the truth, you wont be a member of any political party.

      • Bucko

        Illuminati Satanists. That’s a good one Joe. I would scoff, but I ponder that there may be more than a grain of truth to that concept. Quite so.


      • Ken Morrison

        So through your research you have found that ” we are all enslaved by a group of illuminati satanists.” and your telling him to get a life! Really?

      • Casper

        Brilliant! What do you think that you can accomplish single handedly?

    • Jerome Padin

      As opposed to the vitrolic vicious mindless attack perpatrated by union thugs. Really, get a grip and pay attention to the real crimes being committed by progressive democrats.

    • Tim Hurley

      Well stated Renaldo. Whether one is right or left or subscribes to Illuminati New World Order beliefs…petulant rants that transgress physical boundaries ought not be tolerated.

  • ghuthma

    Too bad he wasn’t a Republican. Not only would they have never been charged – but they would have been invited on all the MSM press shows!!

    • bob up and down

      agree 100%. Libs and Hippies get away with this all the time and feel it’s their right to interupt republican speakers.

      • William

        I don’t remember seeing this all over the news. Levin in the darling of the liberal media. Were he a Republican,…….

    • Darnel

      Could they show their “weiners” like Anthony did!

  • Brian

    Levin is an Illuminati Satanist… more people need to wake up and realize that we have no control over our government. These boys deserve a medal, not jail.

    • Mikey

      Don’t forget the reverse vampires!

    • Casper

      You are a moron!

  • Ron Reale

    Progressives on display, thank you Judge! I wish it had been more, but this is a start.
    Ron Reale

  • alice Polarbear

    I agree with ghuthma. Had Levin been a Republican, they wouldn’t be spending 30 days in jail.

  • Actions have consequences

    Now they’ll be “pied’ in prison. Next time think before you act, don’t they teach that at university?

    • Klaus

      What a wicked nation that celebrates, let alone tolerates, sodomy and rape in its institutions of so-called justice. Is there any difference left between the Great Satan and Sodom an Gomorra?

      • Klaus the fudge packer

        Wow, your mind is in the gutter. For you to decipher sodomy from the word pied says a lot about your obsession with rear ends-you’re twisted.

  • Utapao Long Ago

    Just goes to show….. A College Diploma today is worth a High School Diploma from the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s. This is even more to the issue when it comes to manners and common sense.

  • JS

    Agree w/Renaldo 100%. There’s a lack of civil discourse in this country, and there’s NO acceptable reason for this sort of behavior. It’s not funny, espeically if you look at it in terms of what happened to Gabby Giffords. Politicians should be able to meet with their constituents without fear of physical attack of any sort.

    By the way, I’m posting this comment as a Conservative Republican – the party of the person involved should be meaningless.

    • anita daeoph

      i find that those who have to point out they are “a Conservative Republican” usually arent…

    • Robert Sidonio Jr

      Agree that the party affiliiation is irrelevant. Also others on here must be jealous that some of us get a college degree and this us versus them (educated college folk) is getting old. i put myself through college and appreciate it. i also did dumb things in college. they should learn some manners but not expect a college to teach it.

    • Ken Morrison

      I couldn’t agree more ( I am also a Conservative Republican) The Senators party is irrelevant.

  • Onsite Repair

    When the law is applied in unequal manners to different groups, it

    is as Orwell said ” Some are more equal than others”…Huxley and
    Orwell were prophets…

    • Klaus

      America has 3% of the world’s population and 50% of the world’s prison population. Its people are either the most wicked on earth, or it has too many laws.

      • Mikey

        So should we be like China and simply kill our criminals in order to harvest their organs to sell to rich Europeans?

      • Klaus

        Mikey, China is the future of America. It is your destiny.

      • asdf

        Mikey’s right. China is worse than America in some ways, therefore America has no problems.

  • Harler2002

    I knew when i read the headline it was a Demorat senator. If it were a Repubpican the pair would not uage even been arrested.

    • anita daeoph

      However If it were a Republican and they DID get arrested, it would be justification for rioting

    • Casper

      Wrong! We make an effort to to put criminals in jail. If you believe that it is so horrible here, why do you stay?

  • Inmysight10x

    If it would have occurred in a Middle Eastern country, they would have probably been executed.

  • Barack Obama

    it’s typical that someone doing this to a democrat would be charged and sentenced to jail, but every time a Republican is attacked like this, it’s “a funny prank”. just another example of libs being puss*es.

    god, i hate my constituents and colleagues.

  • Jim Minton

    These two probably would’ve used a brick if they knew ahead of time they were going to jail. Seriously? Maybe Levin should get in a carnival dunk tank and you could get 3 balls for a dollar to take him down.
    Charlie Rangel and Tim Geitner actually break the law and they only get scolded!

  • caligula

    next time use paintballs.

    • PaleoCon

      Nah, next time they need to be a little more creative with what they put in the pie … it ain’t chocolate, lol. In all seriousness though, it is kind of funny to see liberal activism hit liberal politicians. The left is truly cracking up in front of us. Hopefully there are enough of us who are still sane and we can save the country from being sucked down the drain with these infantile, self-absorbed, extremist, elitist, hypocritical, insane liberals!

  • Dad

    They only mention his party affiliation because he’s sort of a victim. If he were doing something wrong, they’d never mention he was a DEMOCRAT.

  • caligula

    we should all send apple pies to levin’s house and office.

  • Hank Warren

    Absurd jail time for a pie in the face of a loser politician, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    • MYak

      Is this person crazy?

      • Klaus

        The Senator can give college graduates a prison sentence, but he can’t give them jobs.

      • Mikey

        Yes. He spams every single story on every single website with the same message…

  • Robert Holiday

    Too bad it wasn’t an rpg — levins backers weapon of choice.

  • Scudbuster

    If the senator was a republican, they would have gotten off with a warning if anything at all.

  • John C

    How do you know they’re Muslim, their names sound Jewish to me.

    • narlyboy

      Jews don’t do stupid stuff like that. These total clowns are Muslims. HELLO ACKBAR!

    • tv2112


      IT”S A TRAP!!!!!!!!

  • Justin

    deport them both. even if they are americans deport them anyways. we have too many people here.

    • Klaus

      Be patient. FEMA and Das Homeland Security will machine gun plenty of you in your streets very soon. Survivors will be treated to a lovely creation of your bioweapons labs. Americans are so naive.

      • Casper

        We may be naiive, but most of us will not go down without a fight like a typical European. Imagine what this world would be like if we had to depend on another country for our defense. Why are you here, Klaus?

      • Klaus

        Casper, mein father was one of the Nazi scientists your government rolled out the red carpet for when he was invited to work for the CIA to develop the bioweapons which will be released on the American people by its government. Kill or be killed, they said to him.

        Have you ever considered, after your TV told you you “defeated” Germany and Japan, why you are afraid to come home from your bases there? Maybe it’s because you didn’t win, jah? Keep paying the bill, however, like a good little taxpayer.

        Der New World Order is being established, just like President George Bush the Elder promised on September 11, 1991.

  • Melvin Belt

    Jail for a pie? It’s not like they stink palmed him or tied him up and gave a Cleveland Steamer…

    • Elroy Ruffins


      Cleveland Steamers are no joke… You are an idiot.

      • Casper

        I use Cleveland steamers in my retaurant kitchen. They are top=of-the-line!

  • Bob

    A waste of a perfectly good pie.

    • Klaus

      The Senator should have at least had the social conscience to reduce his carbon footprint and conserve water by not washing off the pie.

  • jona

    The fruits of their labor.

    • Klaus

      And at 25 cents an hour, their prison labor will further depress wages in the private sector.

  • no you cant

    They wanted to throw a pie and make a statement. So did the judge.
    It was the senator who got pied, but it’s them two morons that I have to ask; How do you them apples?
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • no you cant

      How do you like them apples?

  • plyutz

    If they really wanted to get away with something, they could have become part of a flash mob and beat up some white people. No jail time to worry about there.

  • Chad Sampson

    Should have used bluberry it stains way better

  • Frank

    Give me a break, what is the charge, Pie in the Eye. Get real

  • alfred e numan

    I do not care what race they are or any other thing- My question is– why was the pie not frozen solid as a rock and why did they not hire a baseball pitcher to deliver the pie in proper fashon-

  • Lee

    30 days is jail is justice. No matter their motives is was assault. As college educated they should know better.

  • Earl

    At least it wasn’t a shoe. Sen. Levin should take lessons from the previous president on how to handle these kinds of situations.

  • tubaman

    they are Jewish names.They are against Levin because he isn’t a Zionist.He doesn’t believe in the State of Israel.

  • Terrence Mac An T-Saoir

    If it had been a republican, the media would have given them a medal for being “freedom fighters.”

  • lukuj

    What? haven’t they blamed the Tea Party for this yet? I thought all violence was supposed to be from the Tea Party terrorists, or at least that is what the left would like us to think. maybe it was Bush’s fault instead, though.

  • Gary Brown

    Look, I’m a conservative Republican who favors Rick Perry. But if we allow assaults on legistators at town hall meetings with no consequences, we’ve lost our freedom, not the other way around. I can’t stand Levin but think the punishment for these “protestors” fits the crime. In a civil society, we don’t allow physical assault – it endangers all of our rights.

    • Klaus

      What I love about Rick Perry is he was Al Gore’s campaign manager in Texas in 1988.

      What I love about Rick Perry is the giant sucking sound of American jobs disappearing thanks to Al Gore’s NAFTA, which Perry supports as rabidly as his mentor.

      What I love about Rick Perry is how he ran the Texas state budget into a $13 billion deficit, so large it’s 30% of the budget.

      What I love about Rick Perry is he’s all Bilderberg has left to try to stop Ron Paul.

  • Gunny G

    Wow, the politiicans will REALLY be surprised when we start throwing lead their way. Especially when they pander to Muzzies and Illegals.

  • Alan Smithee

    These two pajama jihadists should have been sent to prison for years, not a month. Assaulting an elected representative of our federal government should carry a very stiff sentence.

    Please note that all the political violence being perpetrated these days is committed by the left and union thugs. We have got to put a stop to this kind of anti-Americanism. If we keep giving them slaps on the wrists then they’re going to continue breaking the law.

    • Klaus

      I see more outrage about a pie being sent to a Senator than when the anthrax from a U.S. bioweapons lab was sent to a Senator who was blocking the Patriot Act.

      • Casper


  • Unsalvageable

    Interesting, people laughed and thought it was great when someone threw a shoe at Bush…but now that it’s a Dem on the recieving end everyone wants “justice”

    • asdf

      The guy who threw a shoe at Bush was imprisoned for nine months, during which time he was severely tortured. So some people wanted “justice” for that guy too. Seems like “justice” was proportional to the crime, in both cases: throw a pie at a guy, get locked in a cage for a month. Throw a shoe at a guy, get locked in a cage for nine months, get beaten with metal rods and submitted to electronic shock.

  • suibne

    …really? you think the jail term is the end of it? You really have no idea what’s coming do you?

  • Lee

    Ann Coulter gets this kind of abuse and people applaud…..only when a Dem gets the pie its become a problem.

  • bfife48

    They removed the crust of an apple pie !!!!! That is criminal in itself. Send them to Hell’s kitchen.

  • Wizzid

    30 days for a pie? So how much time could I get for hitting him with, say, a 9 iron?

  • A.M.

    The senator must have a fragile ego, if a pie in the face deserves jail time. Let’s see senators go to jail for ignoring their constituents. When did a practical joke become a crime? Did the pie harm him physically?

    • Klaus

      I heard the Senator has a spine made of Jell-O, a skull filled with mush, and a belly that’s yellower than banana creme.

  • mo

    Mo, Larry, and Curly lined up the pies. Lawyers and judges are disgusting wastes of time and money. Now the taxpayers are paying for 30 days incarceration for pie throwing? Madness!

  • JOEH


  • asdf

    The guy who threw a shoe at Bush was imprisoned for nine months, during which time he was severely tortured. So some people wanted “justice” for that guy too. Seems like punishment is proportional to the crime, in both cases: throw a pie at a guy, get locked in a cage for a month. Throw a shoe at a guy, get locked in a cage for nine months, get beaten with metal rods and submitted to electronic shock.

    • Klaus

      An eye for a pie. Torture is the new American way.

      America is where everybody should just follow orders and do as they’re told.

  • Honey Crisp

    Could we get the recipe for the pie?

  • Dancro

    Why would anyone with an ounce of brains waste a perfectly good pie on the face of the Obammunist Levin??????

  • Kay B. Day

    Omitted from the tale: Levin is a Democrat.

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