What are in people’s basket?
10. What to expect in Patrick Kanes basket? Expect him to have perfect change for his cab fare…or else. Brandon from Canton.
9. Suh has the heads of all the quarterbacks he’s decapitated…and a note from his mom saying he’s a clean player. Andrew in troy
8. I’m not sure what’s in Sam Cassel’s basket, but it comes attached to a flying bike and is delivered personally by some kid named Elliot. Scott in Berkley
7. What’s in Rodney Stuckey’s basket? Lighter fluid, to keep the fire inside himself going. Erik in rochester.
6. Mrs. James’ basket is usually filled with Delonte West. Hey-ooh! -Karl @ work
5. Rod Allen turned in his basket with glasses, contact lenses, binoculars, a telescope, and some carrots. To which he said “I seeya stuff that helps me seeya!” A
4. Najeh Davenport’s basket is nothing special.. just a basket full of crap. Ryan canton
3. What’s in certain people’s baskets…. Joe Buck’s basket did have anything exciting in it. Beeler Detroit
2. What’s in Ndamukong Suh’s basket? I don’t know, but Roger Goodell fined him for even having a basket. Erik in rochester.
1. SJP’s basket would be full of Budweiser. What else would you expect from a Clydesdale? aL WIXOM


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