Detroit Mayor Bing Reacts To Recent Rash Of Violence

DETROIT (WWJ) – As Detroit police search for the people responsible for this week’s shooting of a toddler and his father, Detroit’s mayor is speaking out about the recent rash of violence in the city.

“We just really got to turn up the heat to see what we can do to educate people to stop doing this,” Mayor Dave Bing said.

Bing expressed even more frustration about the shooting that put 2-year-old Antonio Wright in the hospital with a critical head injury, along with his 25-year-old father Anthony Wright, who suffered a leg wound.

The shooing took place just hours after the Detroit Police Department held another successful gun buy back program on Tuesday.

“There were 750 weapons turned in, guns turned in. We’re grateful for that but, you know, you still got people out here with guns, with weapons that are just doing some really stupid things that not only kill people but have a negative impact on the livelihood of families,” Bing said.

Police believe the shooting may be gang related, but the family and neighbors dispute that.

WWJ City Beat Reporter Vickie Thomas asked Bing if the city has a growing gang problem.

“I don’t foresee gangs being a bigger problem quite frankly. It’s individuals who are out here that are just callous and think that the way to solve a problem is through violence,” he answered.

Detroit Police say there have been 238 homicides in the city this year, a 23 percent increase over the same period last year.

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  • Pamela Curtis

    Dave Bing is a very gentle, insightful man and leader. He has put up with violence and resolving the issue s when he ran his automotive parts plants. I worked with him and had respect for him and admired how he worked with all individuals at the plants. Detroit wake up and realize you have a great Mayor who his trying to rebuild Detroit to the great city it can be and will be. Stop the violence because that is not the abser to build a better Detroit. God Bless Mayor Dave Bing and the City of Detroit.

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