LANSING (WWJ) – An anxious day for 50,000 state employees all over Michigan, who expect to learn Thursday whether they will still have jobs or not.

WWJ’s Ron Dewey said the pink slips would be a matter of procedure, since a 30 day layoff notice is required. Notices would have to be sent out Thursday if the state wanted to take advantage of budgetary savings by making layoffs effective before the start of the fiscal year October 1st.

Contingency plans would be put in place if the layoffs were made in the event concessions could not be made with state employees at the bargaining table.

The Snyder Administration wants $145 million worth of concessions from the employees. The unions have suggested other ways, including fewer managers and cutting the cost of contracts with private companies.

WWJ’s Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick said it’s part of Gov. Rick Snyder’s long-term plan to institute some structural changes in the pay of state workers.

Stay with WWJ and for the latest.

Comments (4)
  1. Sally says:

    I like the fewer managers idea-more Indians and less chiefs.

  2. Jill Hood Wrenbeck says:

    The fact that anyone has doubts if notices are going out today just amazes me. The deal the unions made with Snyder will NOT be honored by a man with no ethics, morals, heart or soul. This will seal the fate of the recall efforts handily. But probably too late. He’s ramping up the Emergency Managers because he’s feeling the heat of the repeal. he won’t support the idea of less managers because crooked cronies are his friends. When faced with a choice, Snyder will always kick the working man down. ALWAYS.

  3. Kate Ben-Ami says:

    Snyder has revealed his true colors over and over- HE HAS NO COMPASSION FOR OR UNDERSTANDING OF PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR A LIVING!!! He’ll kick you when you’re down, EVERY SINGLE TIME!!

  4. Private Sector Employee says:

    I’m wonder when these Gov’t workers are going to realize that there is a “NEW NORMAL”? The days of fat pay checks and pensions for doing nothing are over!!! Welcome to the real world!

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