WASHINGTON (WWJ) – Republican leaders are criticizing the president’s visit to Detroit.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and state GOP Chairman Bobby Schostak held a joint conference call with reporters Monday.

“The rank and file mom and dads are hurting big time, we see them every day as we travel through the state, simply because the politics are not working …the big labor leadership are questioning his leadership … they are calling for Obama to provides tools for America to succeed,” said Schostak.

Schostak also described Mr. Obama’s recent trips as “being disguised as policy trips,” when they are nothing more than, as he called it, “the start of his billion-dollar campaign for re-election.”

Priebus also said the GOP has dubbed Mr. Obama “President Zero” because there were no jobs added to the roll in August.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Comments (4)
  1. Michael says:

    One lie after another! I’m listening to Oblama right now crowing about all he did so far for the working class, and none of it’s true! All he does is say yes to boehner! Break up the criminal banks and make them pay the people not the government back. The bailout money should have gone directly into the pockets to the people they destroyed!

  2. Can You Spare A Job says:

    Wall Street Bankers, Detroit Auto CEO’s, Large Corporation CEO’s and other students of aggressor capitalism are America’s source of financial failure. Modern American greed measures succes ONLY in terms of personal wealth. Sending American work to China, India, Mexico and even Canada to cut overhead expense (jobs) is justifiable good business to these people. They have the control, the authority, the lack of ethics to impose this economic dynamic as America’s GNP decays to zero. America is a plutocracy

  3. Hryhoriy says:

    US economy dead in the water?? ALL FACTS point to obama’s liberal left-wing communist economic policies. This worthless excuse for a ‘President’ has never held a real job, never managed working people and has never run a businss. I say ‘vote for this peasant again!!’….because this is exactly what it’ll take before ignorant voters wake-up and face the facts. Until then, they’ll just have to whine all they can…

  4. Jill Hood Wrenbeck says:

    Obama did not lie. Over a million US jobs were saved or created by his stimulus. If you drive on Michigan’s freeways AND can read you will see the signs along the freeways telling you the improvements are paid for by the stimulus. ONE MORE TIME FOR THE HEARING IMPAIRED: the bailouts were designed and implemented before Obama was even elected. Hello?! We know much more now about the banks than we did then. Stop playing Monday morning quarterback and get in this week’s game, people! Obama is not a dictator and therefore cannot get the entire country’s economy moving again without the cooperation of CONGRESS. The debt ceiling has been raised 77 times without so much as a whisper until Obama became president. The GOP is using the deficit to distract all who are foolish enough to believe that fixing that will fix our economy. The money Snyder is using to balance his precious budget is what needs to go directly into the pockets of the people. Instead, he’s using it as an excuse to fire thousands, cut wages, cut benefits (which in turn take money out of wages), cut education, etc. all in the name of SHARED SACRIFICE. When will you learn that we are the only ones sacrificing? Corporate profits are at an all time high? The CEO of Ford 2 years ago had $20 billion in bonuses and stock options. NOW he has $200 billion in bonuses and stock options and you are calling for the worker to accept MORE CUTBACKS?! Educate yourself. Stop listening to the ones who stand most to gain. Stop attacking your child’s teacher, your policemen, your firemen, the “lunch ladies”, the janitors, those who clear your street in the winter and break down fallen trees in storms. They are your friends and allies. No businesses will flock here because of the lower tax rate for businesses. There are no consumers here!!!! Half of us are unemployed. Thanks ONLY to Governor Snyder. Some shared sacrifice, huh?

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