DETROIT (WWJ) – Mother Nature could take a major role in the cost of gasoline over the next few weeks.

Patrick DeHann of Grand Rapids-based says Tropical Storm Lee and its huge amounts of rainfall, could cripple some refinery production.

That would mean a spike in gasoline costs. But all is not lost according to DeHaan, who sees a price decline coming in the late fall:

“By Thanksgiving – I’m hopeful that the national average could come down anywhere from 20-40 cents a gallon if all goes well,” said DeHann.

The national average is now at $3.67 a gallon, while in metro Detroit, it’s about 20 cents more than that.

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  1. Out of Gas and Coasting to a Stop says:

    Somebody’s grandmother in North Dakota has a head cold, gas prices go up. A little girl loses her kitty, gas prices go up. Ginger Baker can’t find his drum sticks, gas prices go up.

    Gas and oil merchants have an infinite reserve of excuses to hike the price of gas. But this is the advantage of having a monopoly of a consumer product. Its time for American engineers to innovate the greed out of energy and restore one convenience to the American economy

  2. Jim Horak says:

    Articles about gas price projections are great but doing something to help the consumer save a buck is a whole other story. Who the hell knows what gas prices will be the next time we go to the pump. All I know is that I am tired of paying huge gas prices. Here is a tip about a new type of Auto Club. I use their membership gas card by sticking it into gas pump and it gives me 10% right back to my account for the gas purchase and I guess some other benefits too. It is easy, no hassle. With money we save, we enjoy more trips, movies and family fun stuff. See for yourself like I did. , the more people that are using this, the more they can discount – it’s kinda like Cosco or Sam’s Club in that way. Learn more – save more; feel free to ask.

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