The Ugliest Uniform Ever? Yes!

Last night Maryland beat Miami in College Park, Maryland 32-24. But the headline says it all, Maryland debuted one of their new uniforms last night and Holy Cow, was it hideous. Make a comment below and sound off on what you think of the uniform.

All images courtesy of Getty Images

  • Richard Lehmann

    E-gads, They look like crash test dummies.

  • Scott Hammer

    Can you say Medieval Times?

  • Leo Przybylowicz

    ugly ugly ugly, must been a blind date experiment.. you know you dont know who or what it is till you show up.

  • Remy James

    I loved them, and can’t wait to see the different combinations. Plus it was a great tribute to the state of Maryland. Love it or hate it, at least they got us talking about it.

  • k. krupansky

    that is just sick….and wrong…….

  • Brian M

    My mom was right. Drugs harm your brain forever. Wait Wait those uni’s were supposed to look like that? Whew, that was a close one!!!!!!!

  • Matt Roush

    If you want to get vertigo, check out the Maryland state flag… that’s what the design is based on… See

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