By Vickie Thomas

I’m curious to see how many people will turn out to see Detroit’s ex-mayor when he appears at a local church to promote his new tell-all book, “Surrendered…The Rise, Fall & Revelation of Kwame Kilpatrick.”

It seems as if people either love him or hate him these days.  That’s one reason why a Detroit pastor says he knows he’ll take some heat for inviting Detroit’s ex-mayor to appear at his church next week.

Kwame Kilpatrick was freed from a Michigan prison last month after serving a year-and-a-half behind bars for hiding assets that could have been used to pay restitution to the city of Detroit.  He now lives in the Dallas area.

When he appears at Citadel of Praise Church at 7 p.m. next Tuesday, it’ll be his first public appearance since his release.  Pastor Spencer Ellis will interview Kilpatrick.  Ellis says he’ll ask tough questions because he once supported the former mayor and was left disappointed.

Kilpatrick is also scheduled to appear from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Prive’ Duex (the old Atwater Brewery) on Jos Campau for a book signing. The cost to get in is $10.

By Vickie Thomas

Comments (6)
  1. Alisa Neely says:

    imo, people should NOT go to ANY book signings or talks this man gives….and the NEWS people need to STOP reporting on him……STOP giving him the of day, and he’ll just GO AWAY…..his WHOLE fanily are a bunch of crooks and they BELONG IN JAIL.


  2. r holbrook says:

    WHO CARES!!!! I can’t believe we;re still talking about this guy he does not deserve the ink The man is a thug and a criminal. He was afforded every opportunity to excel and do good things with the gifts that were given him and instead chose to throw it all away by robbing the people of the city of Detroit blind.Along many other indiscretions. He got exactly what he deserved. Though I don’t think he is done getting his just deserts yet. Leave town and stay there. Good rid dins!!

  3. Cbeatty says:

    I’ll be there KK. You still owe the city back the money you stole all those years!

  4. deejay says:

    No only is he back in Detroit……..but you have to pay $10.00 to see him…..AFTER you paid to get the book for him to sign!!!! wil Always be a hustler!!!!!

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