LANSING (WWJ) – Michigan Democrats and Republicans reacted predictably to President Barack Obama’s jobs creation proposals revealed to Congress Thursday night — from a Republican saying it’s “more of the same” to a Democrat saying it put the focus where it should be — on jobs.

Obama pitched his $447 billion jobs program of tax cuts and new spending after bluntly telling Congress to “stop the political circus” and fix the economy.

In reaction to the president’s speech, Republican Gov. Rick Snyder said in a written statement that he urges leaders in D.C. to follow Michigan’s lead by balancing the budget, paying down long-term debt and saving for the future.

“The president proposed cutting payroll taxes for small businesses in half to encourage job growth; in Michigan, we already ended the double tax on small businesses. The president proposed ending loopholes for corporations. In Michigan, we already did that by switching to a flat, 6 percent corporate income tax that is simple, fair and efficient,” Snyder said.

Democratic Representative John Dingell commended Obama’s speech, saying “nothing should be more important than creating jobs in America.”

“This must be policy makers’ number one priority, and I call on all colleagues in the House to put aside hollow and cynical and ideology, work together and bring to the floor bipartisan legislative proposals that will put back Americans to work,” Dingell said in a written statement.

Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow said in a statement she hopes “the president’s speech focuses Congress’ attention back where it should be, on creating jobs.”

“It’s time to come together and get something done. I’m going to keep urging Congress to pass measures particularly important to Michigan’s economy, like growing jobs in advanced batteries, agriculture and small businesses,” Stabenow said.

Democratic Congressman Sander Levin chided Republicans for what he called their “plan of complete inaction.”

“The president tonight stepped up to the plate with an urgent plan of action on jobs. Now it is time for Republicans to move from their plan of complete inaction and begin working together with Democrats to jumpstart our recovery,” Levin said in a written statement. “The people of Michigan and the nation need Congress to work together to create jobs. I hope our Republican colleagues will join us in doing so.”

Republican Congressman Dave Camp said in a statement he agreed with the president that long pending, job creating trade agreements need to be passed. He was, however, let down that Obama left one topic out of his presentation.

“I was disappointed that the president did not discuss the one area that can truly spark sustained private-sector job creation in this country – comprehensive tax reform,” Camp said.

Republican Rep. Mike Rogers said in a statement that he doesn’t think Obama’s speech will “change the Washington, D.C.-created burdens that are hampering job creation.”

“Excessive new regulations, health care and energy costs initiated in the past three years are causing employers to think twice about hiring, growing or expanding. Until those policies change and until we stop threatening huge tax increases on people who create jobs, more of the same borrow and spend ‘stimulus’ policies out of Washington are sure to have the same impact they had in 2009 – a huge bill to our kids, lots of money wasted and not many new jobs,” Rogers said.

Republican Congresswoman Candice Miller called the president’s ideas “more of the same” and said she cannot support “additional spending that it not paid for or is paid for by increasing taxes on those who create jobs.”

“It is unfortunate tonight that the President offered no real details of his plan at the same time he was urging Congress to pass it,” Miller said in a written statement. ”

The president’s plan leans heavily on payroll tax cuts to put money into the economy and the president urged lawmakers to pass it quickly. He also pledged to campaign for its enactment across the nation, an effort he will start Friday in Richmond, Virginia.

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Comments (5)
  1. william wallace says:

    One thing for certain it can’t continue with the nations work force
    in main emplyed by the military // be it in the service / or employed
    in mantanence of the sevice’s as growing numbers employed with
    home security which in itself greatly drains the nations resources.

    The USA must change course from a republican world domination
    political religious military agenda // unto that representing normality
    where the USA / its people not isolated from reality lost in fantasy.

    The damage by republicans / left a grave situation for democrats
    in coming to govt /a situation the train not only going in the wrong
    direction /but the train in having jumped the rails and left the track.

    Thus a dire situation for democrats t’will take time righting matters
    change of tax system needed / as cange in the attitude of people.

    Rather only a focus on individual profit /such attitude is balanced
    in one’s responsibility toward nation / toward future generations
    the oppertunity made available for all / having a decent education
    thus allow the individual a sound foundation in their development.

  2. patriot1030 says:

    Profit is not a hinderance to economic growth. The problems we have are not the result of conservative ideas but progressives that impose more and more legislative controls that hinder businesses from making long term decisions. We are under the heavy hand of an attempt to place central planning over every part of our economic system. A system that depends on freedom to make decisions immediatly to adjust to a global market place is handcuffed when new regulations come pouring out of Washington every day. The private sector needs confidence that private property and profits will not be taken from them and handed out to friends of the ruling party.

  3. RF says:

    So Snyder says that the President should follow his lead. So it will not be a problem after the budget is passed then 3 month later the secret job eliminations begin?

  4. Ashamed says:

    I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat; I am an Independent who makes my decisions on candidates and issues based on the merits I find due to my research on each issue. It’s a responsibility I take very seriously as an American citizen.

    Therefore, as I read the politicians comments in the story above – particularly those from the Republicans, I wonder if they were actually listening to the same speech I was last night! Their comments are so unrelated to anything the President actually said that I find it laughable and wonder what they were listening to, because it certainly wasn’t the same speech I heard! No wonder this country is in the state it’s in; this is exactly why American citizens are so angry. Politicians are sent to Washington and Lansing to represent OUR opinions on issues, NOT THEIR OWN!

    Frankly, I can’t recall the last time a politician – of either party – actually wanted to hear what I or anyone else I know had to say on an issue. However, the statements from the Republicans in the story above are pure party rhetoric – there is nothing constructive in any of their statements, and they have no purpose other than to slam the President or the other party. This is the kind of behavior that has helped to cause this economic crisis, and nothing will change until these politicians stop being so selfish and focused on their own re-election, and start actually fulfilling the responsibilities they were sent to office to handle. The people of America deserve better, and I am ashamed of them – and I believe our country’s founders would feel the same!

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