DETROIT (WWJ) – The study that decades ago found smoking and obesity can cause cancer is back looking for new risk factors, and it’s recruiting Metro Detroiters to help.

The Cancer Prevention Study-3 will monitor 300,000 Americans over the next few decades. There is no compensation for participating, but a local health official said that shouldn’t deter people from enrolling in the study.

“Being able to participate in a study that can prevent cancer can help prevent your cancer. It may help prevent your mother’s cancer or your father’s cancer,” said Macomb County Health Director Steve Gold. “Developing knowledge that can save your life [is priceless].”

Enrollment starts Tuesday Sept. 13 and runs through Wednesday Sept. 21. You must be between 30 and 65 years of age to participate and have never been diagnosed with cancer.

For more information click on here.

  1. A Michigna Jabone says:

    Here’s a prescription that really works

    Take 1 dose of heavy, deep muscle fiber acting anaerobic Olympic weight training a few times a week for 30 or 40 years.

    It not only avoids cancer, but diabetes, heart’s disease, arthritis, the flu and anything else that invades the body.

    Get strong, move fast, live long

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