DETROIT (WWJ) – A number of people streamed into Atwater Brewery in Detroit to get their copy of “Surrendered: The Rise, Fall, and Revelation of Kwame Kilpatrick” signed by the ex-Detroit mayor.

Kilpatrick was more than an hour late to the signing. Still, that didn’t seem to bother the people who showed up for an autograph.

James Allen of Northville was there. He shares his opinion on the former mayor:

“I feel it was never proven about the … mansion, it was never proven about the death of the young lady,” said Allen.

Money from Kilpatrick’s book sales will help pay off the near-million dollars he owes the city.

That includes Michael Baxter of Clinton Township. “I read the book, I got the book the first day it came out … I’m a supporter,” said Baxter.

Members of the Kilpatrick family and extended family were at the book signing event.

“I think he got caught doing what he was doing, and he just had to pay for it, said Christoper McCamey of Northville.

The book signing event was filled with people who thought otherwise:

“I like Mayor Kilpatrick, I have no problems with him, and this is very historical … I like to have his book,” said another supporter there for the book signing.

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  1. Bob says:

    How about this, instead of STILL using his station as ex-prosecuted/found guilty mayor of detroit, he does as any other person put through the system would have to do and PAY HIS DEBT by being accountable for his actions and accepting responsibility for them. The fact that anyone would help this loathsome individual shirk yet another responsibility he created by his own actions, by purchasing his book shows EXACTLY where this country has gone. Instead, he justifies his immoral actions and like a jammed expressway of rubberneckers, the city of detroit, and the state of Michigan’s residents feed this loathsome individuals ego and delusions by paying his fine for him, once again giving him a false sense of making amends for the wrongs he’s done to our society as the rubberneckers feed a congested freeways problems. Every person knows right from wrong, yet so many delude themselves into thinking they can beat their own moral conscience. excuse, i need to go vomit.

  2. Don Preston says:

    A NUMBER OF PEOPLE? What number of people? Was it one, a hundred, or a thousand? The reporter simply must have seen the crowd and intentional failure to estimate the size gives the impression of a desire to allow the reader to inflate it to whatever their imagination allows.
    Vague statements like that only serve to further undermine the public’s trust of media.

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