Valenti: Michigan State’s New Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Unveiled

For those hating on MSU’s Pro Combat jersey my simple response is this. Worry about your own team.

What Nike has created for MSU is cutting edge and very appropriate for the team wearing them: The Spartans. Bronze has been a big part of Michigan State in past and present. It’s also the very core of what the schools nickname represents.

So while the low hanging fruit out there simply smirk with a “Wayne State” or “South Florida” blast, the sharper amongst the crowd can read on.

Nike was aiming at playing of the Spartan armor concept along with the movie “300” and they did just that. The bronze represents that of the trim on our current uniforms, the bronze original Spartan statue, and the very armor the Spartans wore.

Nike took it to another level using the Greek and Latin phrase “Molon Labe” meaning “come and take them” to represent King Leonidas at the Battle of Thermopylae. It was phrase used in defiance of the Persian army when requested to surrender their weapons. That phrase appears on the jersey as well. Tell me if I need to slow down for some of you.

The concept puts past traditions into current packaging. Obviously if your logo or mascot is a giant rat like a Wolverine it gets tougher. But when you have a unique nickname like Spartans and a cool history to celebrate it makes total sense to push the envelope.

I think Nike did a very solid job in the first edition and I look forward to the future editions. Helmet is decent but not flashy enough.

Last point, the uniforms aren’t for the old blue hairs or fans. They are a PR tool for kids and recruits. It’s about them. It’s also about having MSU mentioned in same breath as the other Nike elite schools. You go to that website and we are right there getting the special publicity and packaging. That’s a win for MSU football. Only the short sighted or scared wouldn’t see that.
So before the comment section below fills up with bitter Adidas clad Wolverines let me leave you with this.

Molon Labe. Come get some on October 15th.

Two weeks ago Maryland took on Miami and got the whole country talking about Maryland football and what the Under Armour uniforms looked like. Good or bad they still got everyone to talk about Maryland football on a Tuesday morning.

marylanduniform Valenti: Michigan States New Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Unveiled

Getty Images

Nike has been doing Pro Combat uniforms for a few years now, Georgia and Boise showed their uniforms off the first week of the season as seen below.

georgiaboise Valenti: Michigan States New Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Unveiled

Getty Images

MSU unveiled the uniform they will wear for the game against Michigan on Oct 15th. Here is one photo of what the uniform will look like. More photos click here. Check out Nike’s Pro Combat website here.

Let us know what you think about the uniforms in comments below.

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