Instant feedback Fun. What to expect from the retro issue of Playboy?
10. What to expect with the 60’s Playboy? Athlete of the year… Charlie Furbush. Dan in Clawson
9. The Playboy shooting will take place at Busch Gardens. Sam from the D
8. In the playboy retro issue they will have many adds for weedwackers and bush trimmers From: Steve in Detroit
7. An article on how to match your drapes and carpet. Julie Macomb
6. Gator will only be interested in the 1969 playmates. Brian Warren
5. What to expect from playboy’s 60’s issue: in the sports and entertainment section a story on popular WWE tag team duo the Bushwackers. Scott-Macomb
4. what to expect in the 60’s issue of Playboy… lots of Busch beer ads…Craig
3. What to expect from the Playboy retro issue… Greg Oden will be reminiscing on what the NBA was like in the 60’s…Ryan Canton
2. What to expect with the 60s edition? Just ask Rod Allen since he’s seen everything Nate royal oak
1. I’m not sure why Chewbacca is featured in most of the centerfolds…..Star Wars was not out until the 70’s…. Scott


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