Stoney, Bill and Sara are trying to get your vote for the opening song of The Big Bang Theory. As we talked about last week, Stoney, Bill and Sara donned their alter ego costumes and performed the opening song to the hit CBS show The Big Bang Theory. If we win, our song open will air with the show on CW 50 this fall. You can also win round-trip airfare for two from Detroit to Burbank. Two nights hotel accommodations, single occupancy in Burbank. Round-trip ground transportation from Burbank airport to hotel. Two tickets to a ‘The Big Bang Theory’ taping.

Click HERE to watch the Stoney and Bill video at the bottom of the page to view and vote.

Comments (5)
  1. Andreas Shizas says:

    All I saw was Gay porn and Sara’s rack…….I like the rack…lol

  2. DShaker15 says:

    LOL..LOL..this is HI-larious..i laughed to TEARS..Stoney i would never call you if i was in i really liked the outake..

  3. DShaker15 says:

    Sara i understand the BLONDE wig and it looked ok..BUT you are way better as a Brunette..Bill was ok as well.BUT Stoney was a MESS…lol

  4. JK says:

    Bill and Stoney…..REALLY? Looked like a couple of large monster racoons humping. Sara, on the other hand wears the “S” very well on that hot body of hers. You guys all have my vote, though.

  5. Leigh says:

    I can’t see the video….clicking on the link does not take me to the 97’s video.

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