DETROIT (WWJ-TV) – As the new school year begins, 160,000 kids will stay home every day because they are afraid of being bullied. That’s one of the startling facts uncovered in a CBS News 48 Hours Investigation.

48 Hours Correspondent Tracy Smith said schools are trying to deal with the problem.

“A lot of schools maybe hold a seminar, they have an anti-bullying policy as part of their student handbook and that’s about it,” said Smith.

“So, that’s one of the things that these parents who have lost children to bullying are trying to get passed is some sort of uniformity, whether it’s a state law or something. This is particularly true in Michigan, they’ve been trying to do this,” she said.

Smith has been looking into the tragic consequences of bullying.

“There are more than 150 cases of kids who committed suicide after they were bullied since 1983. There’s some parents who have been taking care of that, and that’s the extreme,” Smith said.

The 48 Hours Special “Bullying: Words Can Kill” airs Friday, September 16 at 8 p.m. on  WWJ-TV,  CBS Detroit.

Comments (2)
  1. Joyce Alfrey says:

    It is a shame that children can’t go to school without being tormented by bullies. I taught school for many years and i was always on the lookout for any appearance of bullying. There was a no tolerance policy in my classroom, and I think bullies should be expelled for a set number of days. That would really get their parents to
    take notice because they would not want to be responsible for them at home. There is no excuse for letting this go on. I am so proud of the kids who allowed their story to be told. God bless them and their parents, and the parents of all those who have lost their child.

  2. Sharon M. Miller says:

    This should have been started 50 years ago, or more. Wasn’t until I was in high school people started to treat me better. My mother didn’t give the fact I was bullied a second thought. She didn’t care!! Now I’m in another state, this is going on; people are finally taking action. About time!!!!!!

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