DETROIT (WWJ) – Finding a job isn’t always exciting, but Saturday, the Quicken Loans Company based in the Compuware Building in Detroit – tried to put applicants at ease.

At their unique job fair, the company not only created a smoothie bar — and an X-Box area — but they also handed out cider and cinnamon-sugar doughnuts.

“These are mixer type job areas where they can come up and mix themselves a smoothie … they can check out the teams, they can talk to the folks, they can decide for themselves if this is something they really want to do,” said Quicken Loans Director of Recruiting Michelle Salvatore.

The smoothie barista mixes up a ‘I get a job’ smoothie, which is filled with peaches, bananas, honey and yogurt, to help potential employees relax and feel their best when applying for a job.

Bryan White is a job seeker from Detroit, he says these treats made him more comfortable:

“It definitely seems fun, but it seems more about making sure people are relaxed, because the culture and the company is very relaxed – while being professional. That just seems to be something they are trying to get across to everyone who comes here,” said White.

Thousands showed up for the fair, that snaked around the Compuware Building.

Officials tell WWJ next time they hold this kind of event, they may consider adding a massage bar to help the applicants relax.

Quicken Loans is looking to fill 500 positions within the company. If you missed the event on Saturday, click on here for more information.

Comments (2)
  1. Save Ourselves says:

    500 down, 499,500 unemployed to go

    Michigan business and industry need to hire more Michgan natives

    Remember America’s economy doesn’t begin in China, or India, or Mexico or even Canada.

  2. Jesse C Clinkscales says:

    I missed the hiring event on Saturday and I would like to submit my resume and contact information to your organization. I heard Quicken Loans was a wonderful place to work and would like very much to be a part of your organization. I have over 17 years in customer service and feel I will be a good fit for any customer service position or wherever you feel my skills would better serve your organization.
    Jesse C. Clinkscales
    248 539-3647

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