By Beth Fisher

DETROIT (WWJ) – On the site of the Old Tiger Stadium at Michigan and Trumbull, a group of volunteers gathers every week to maintain the ball field.

Tom Derry is with the Navin Field Grounds crew and he mows the lawn every couple of weeks so kids can play there.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen, we think the city made a mistake by saying no to Chevrolet, on an offer to maintain the field for free, but we are going to continue to come down here, our Navin Field Grounds crew, and we’ll maintain the field ourselves,” Derry told WWJ’s Beth Fisher.

There’s a sign posted outside the old ball park – Ernie Harwell Park.

“People from the neighborhoods are playing here, people come in from outside of Detroit to come out here and play baseball, and we’re down here every Sunday and this has actually become a tourist attraction, and they are down here every week,” said Derry.

Joe Michnaught is part of the Navin Field Grounds crew: “We love this place, I’ve been a baseball fan ever since I was a little kid, when my dad brought me down here … watching the Boston Red Sox when I was a little kid, I worked here for four years, I love this place,” said Michnaugt. “This is sacred ground as far as I’m concerned.”

The crew plans to keep maintaining the old field at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull.

Comments (4)
  1. Ron Kerns says:

    I made a point of stopping there….and letting my kids see the field and “run the bases”….when we were in town in July….and we live in Dallas (grew up going to the ball park)….it was literally the FIRST stop we made after we left the airport….thanks to the Navin Field Grounds Crew!

  2. Tom Craft says:

    Thanks guys and gals. Well done.

  3. Regina Brown says:

    I Saw the story on WDIV and that people in Corktown is keeping the field together I commend you for that. THANK YOU!!! :) On the other hand with City Council they are just plain STUPID when someone gives you something for free you take it. STUPID. :(

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