Granholm Backs The President’s ‘Jobs Act’ On “Meet The Press”

DETROIT (WWJ) – With the nation’s unemployment levels and people feeling worse off then just a few years ago, President Barack Obama may have a tough road ahead of him as he runs for re-election.

But former Michigan Governor, Jennifer Granholm, tells the NBC-TV “Meet The Press” audience she believes he can do it.

“He’s got to put stuff out there that works, the nation’s economy has changed because of the loss of the traditional middle class jobs. It’s not the same old solutions that will work anymore, we need to make sure, that what he is doing in this ‘Jobs Act’  is tying all his solutions  to creation of jobs in America,” said Granholm.

“I think this race is all going to be about Obama  fighting for jobs, and putting this in a global context, our economic competitors globally are out there poaching jobs, we have got to get an active, smart government, but an active government, not a big government,” said Granholm.

“What the Republicans have done is say ‘we should just have tax cuts’, but what are businesses doing with that extra money? Global businesses are investing where they think they can increase their margins and that’s overseas. So he is doing … he’s adopting a plan that will create American jobs  both in the public and the private sector, and that’s exactly what he needs to trumpet,” said Granholm.


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