DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s the home opener for the Detroit Lions against the Kansas City Chiefs.

And that means it’s the kick off for tailgating season too.

At Eastern Market, hundreds of people enjoyed food and drink in the parking lots.

Ben Ingraham of Portage tells WWJ’s Beth Fisher that the games are fun.

“I’m hoping 10-6 … make the play-offs,” said Ingraham.

There is tighter security at Ford Field with pat downs from the ankles to the knees. But fans like Carrie Tobias aren’t concerned:

“I’m okay with it, I have nothing to hide when I go into the game … whatever keeps the fans safe, we are all there just to support the team and have a good time,” said Tobias.

Kevin Baker of Novi is optimistic for this season telling WWJ that the Lions will beat the Chiefs and win nine games this season.

And what does Baker think of the tighter security pat downs from the ankles to their knees?

“Better to be safe than sorry, I don’t mind the increased security, it’s just for our safety,” said Baker.

Many fans say they’ll just head into games a little earlier to allow more time for extra security.

The league has asked all thirty-two teams to enforce the enhanced pat downs. Before then, fans were only patted down from the waist up for illegal weapons and alcohol.


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