DETROIT — The credit card processor International Bancard has introduced, a new national referral program that aims to raise money for those who refer business to the processor. is a new national referral program that leverages relationships among the following key audiences:

* Fundraising organizations looking to diversify revenue streams and drive additional income to aid good causes based solely on who they know.
* College students, sorority-fraternity fundraising events, college-university admissions; financial services departments and all on-campus sources.
* Underemployed account executives, sales specialists, part-time retired sales pros looking to build diversified income.

“ is International Bancard’s innovative way of helping Americans in today’s unique economic times,” said David Iafrate, the company’s CEO. “It is our hope that participants in the new program will appreciate a quick and seamless way to earn additional income.”

Those who enjoy networking and are looking for quick, easy and convenient ongoing monthly income can sign-up online at to become a referral associate in order to begin their referrals. The UCaughtMyEye team at International Bancard will take it from there.

International Bancard provides the referred business owner or merchant a complimentary credit, debit and check processing statement analysis to ensure their accounts are setup correctly so that they’re getting the best rates. The results are presented to the business owner as a single comprehensive solution.

When the business begins processing transactions with International Bancard, the referral associates quickly earn a $100 referral bonus and monthly recurring revenue. Simply put, every time a consumer swipes their credit or debit card with the merchant, referred by one of the associates, the referral associate earns income for as long as the merchant is processing with International Bancard under the terms of a standard Merchant Agreement. For more information about how the referral payment plan works, please visit,

“We created this program so everybody gets something, it’s a win-win that helps referral associates, merchants and our company,” said Iafrate. “Referral associates have a new way of earning income based on referring business owners that they know and trust. Businesses will benefit by getting competitive pricing and superior customer service from International Bancard.”

“Fundraising organizations benefit from income they receive from every credit card swiped at all participating businesses. Most importantly, all of us will work together to generate meaningful sums that will make a difference for everyone involved and garner positive feedback about how this opportunity is a hand up versus a handout,” Iafrate added.

To learn more about this innovative program, or to become a revenue-driving referral associate, visit or call (877) 280-4160.

More about International Bancard at

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