By Ron Dewey

HAMTRAMCK (WWJ) – How do the men and women who build some of GM’s vehicles feel about the tentative agreement reached between GM and the UAW?

WWJ’s Ron Dewey found that those familiar with the deal are telling of a $5,000 signing bonus, a $3-an- hour raise for lower-tier workers and an adjustment in performance bonuses.

“Everybody understands that these are some difficult times … and, we just grateful to have a job,” one worker told Ron.

Other workers reported the fruit of the negotiations between GM and the UAW will add or save 6,000 jobs over the life of the four-year contract.

“I hope the words in the contract aren’t twisted in such a way … in other words, I hope that everybody acts in good faith,” said another worker.

Yet another worker, however, said not everybody likes the deal, given the lack of a raise for veteran or first-tier workers. But that same worker also said, “It’s the best deal we’re going to get.”

  1. dieshard says:

    The hourly workers get no RAISES, no COST OF LIVING, no YEARLY Iincreasesm NO nothing but promises. THE retirees lose theit December cost of living WHY!!!!! WHYYY??????? There is nothing in this contract to vote FOR. VOTE NO!!!!!! Send them back for more of what we gave back the last 6 years!! VOTE NO!!!

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