MONROE (WWJ) – There’s a hearing Wednesday morning in Monroe County Circuit Court in a controversial case involving the fate of three pit bull mix dogs that were taken during a raid of an alleged dog fighting ring.

Reilly, Dusty and Monroe were confiscated after the raid in March and later ordered put to death. But the Monroe County SPCA and the Buster Foundation are appealing the death sentence. The Buster Foundation on Wednesday is asking a judge to let them care for the dogs pending that appeal.

Joanne Dixon of the animal welfare group Providing for Paws supports that request. She said the dogs are being abused at the animal shelter. “The dogs were found with septic waste poured over the top of them,” Dixon said.

Dixon claims there was a gash on Reilly’s leg.

“It clearly went all the way to the bone … It looks like a knife wound,” Dixon said. “They have no explanation for any of Reilly’s wounds whatsoever.”

The three groups claim the dogs were not injured and were not fighting dogs when they were taken in to the shelter. They claim their injuries were suffered there. Dixon said the dogs are not getting proper veterinary care.

Assistant County prosecutor Jack Simms denies the dogs are being abused at the shelter. He said there’s a vet on staff and that the shelter is subject to yearly state inspections.

The prosecutor’s office argues that the dogs are too dangerous to be released.

¬†– View video of the dogs at this link –

Comments (8)
  1. Susan Barber says:

    Congratulation on your 2 informative news articles about this horrific neglect that is not being investigated by the very people that should be upholding the cruelty statues in the state of Michigan.
    Thank you for letting the public know that the dogs were not fighting dogs.
    Thank you for the links to the video evidence in this article & your other article at: is the only news article/s that I have found that has presented this case in such a detailed account … including video evidence..

    1. Bonnie Welch says:

      I dont understand how any judge can leave the dogs in MCAC after seeing the videos. Even the awsome nature of Monroe while cleaning him up from wounds and septic waste poured on him! If he was wounded from going under the fence at aother dogs, then please explain the wounds to the back of his body. Explain Rileys DEEP wounds in the back of his body. Something smells EXTREMELY fishy here. These are GOOD dogs. I would take all 3 of them home with me!! If they were so bad, then there would of been NO way they would of cleaned them up and cleaned their wounds. They stood there being good dogs as they checked them out. PLEASE HELP SUPPORT THESE 3 AWSOME PITBULLS! WE NEED TO GET THEM OUT OF THAT HELL HOLE THEY ARE IN. WHILE FIGHTING THE BATTLE OF KEEPING THEM ALIVE AND BEING ADOPTED OUT TO LOVING FAMILIES,

  2. casey says:

    I want to say thank you to CBS for writing this correctly and giving the details that need to be given

  3. Bonnie says:

    Thank you CBS! You are the only station that did this story! You did a great job!

  4. Common sense American says:

    These beasts deserve a needle before they kill a baby.

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