By g) Mike Valenti

How does the song go? “I’m sorry…so sorry. That I made your life a mess and I’m being such a pest…I’m sorry.”

Guys, I’m truly sorry. Nothing I can say for this past weeks’ performance. It once again reinforces my belief you just cannot win every week. Not possible. I put in time picking these games, think I have a great read on things and boom…disaster.

Bring the hatred. I cannot argue with it. As I get older, I seriously think I’m losing my touch. Consider it a handicapping mid-life crisis.

Let’s see if we can get back on the horse. Hell maybe fading me is the right move. My confidence is lower than Joey Harrington’s in a late game huddle. Be careful.
Last Week 1-4
Overall 7-7-1

Last Week Recap
Stanford -9.5 @ Arizona-WIN 37-10
The one game that went according to plan as the superior team destroyed its opponent and never looked back.
MSU +4.5 @ ND-LOSS 31-13
MSU played awful. ND played well. I walked right into the trap. By the time the game kicked off the entire world was on ND and line moved to 6.5…risk of picking Wednesday for the listeners.
MSU @ ND OVER 51-LOSS 44 Total.
I’m pretty salty on this one. Multiple red zone chances gone to waste. A sure INT for TD missed by the turf monster. Just no breaks as we fell short.
OSU +3 @ Miami-LOSS 24-6
A complete stink bomb where I simply didn’t do a good job. Never in my wildest dreams did I think OSU would be THAT bad. QB play was awful. Team looked defeated and flat. Awful selection.
Florida State +3 vs. Oklahoma-LOSS 23-13
Thought we had a real shot when FSU tied it up in 4th quarter…only to “go to the potty” in the last portion of the game. Oklahoma played flawless down stretch and the better team won. Oversold FSU who is not ready for primetime.

Syracuse -2.5 vs. Toledo
This is one where I think Toledo just might be out of gas. Back to back games vs. OSU and Boise St. with a short week between may have sapped them. Cuse is home after getting whooped by USC and should rebound here.
When finesse meets elite physical teams, the elite team usually comes out on top. Look back to what LSU did to Oregon in the season opener. I know they’re ugly but I’m still buying in. LSU holds WVU down and does what they do…play ugly.
San Diego State +10.5 @ Michigan
Yes I think Michigan will win…relax. I just don’t think they are this many points better than a decent club like SDSU. Aztecs have 4-year starter at QB and have a stud RB in Ronnie Hillman. Should be high scoring and this is a ton of points. Please don’t be offended.
Oregon -14.5 @ Arizona
Seeing a trend here? I think Arizona is horrible and I’ll continue to play against them until they either show a pulse or Mike Stoops is fired.
Oklahoma State +4.5 @ Texas A&M
When is the last time the Aggies truly won a big game as a favorite? They are like MSU of the south. Maybe they win but I believe it will be close and we might be getting the better team +4.5-points, can’t pass that up.

Last week the black cat made his debut on this feature…and promptly lost. If you need the background read this
Black Cat Fade of the Week
Take WVU +5.5

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  1. Homeless because of Mike says:

    I don’t have any potato chips left!

  2. Shadyrock says:

    We are used to it.

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