It’s been almost a week since the Mayweather/Ortiz debacle and it still bothers me how ripped off the fans were. The main three people I blame are Floyd Mayweather, Victor Ortiz and the referee Joe Cortez. First let’s start with Ortiz…although he was losing, he was pushing forward and trying to attack Mayweather, but at the end of his flurry he clearly head butts Mayweather on the chin and the referee has to stop the fight to deduct a point.

Not only was it a cheap move by Ortiz, it was unnecessary. I thought he should have been deducted two points it was so blatant. His next dumb move was to apologize over and over. Enough already — apologize once and stop trying to make out with the guy. Now why I also blame Mayweather…when you are in the fight game you must have respect for the sport itself. No intentional illegal blows, sucker punches, performance enhancing drugs etc… Mayweather clearly didn’t care how he won as long as he was going to win.

Mayweather was winning the fight and was ultimately going to win the fight. Did Mayweather do anything illegal? No. Was it a cheap shot? Yes. So if you’re going to celebrate for beating a guy like that then I guess it shouldn’t shock me you also like to light $100 bills on fire, too, because apparently you just don’t care.

Lastly, referee Joe Cortez is to blame also. How is the one guy in the whole building who is supposed to be intently watching the fight not even looking when Mayweather lands his knockout punches?!?! How many times do you have to tell the judges to deduct a point?

And if you aren’t ready then the fighters shouldn’t be allowed to fight! And how come when Cortez stopped the fight he didn’t make both fighters go to their respective corners until he was ready to resume the fight? Which leads me to my last point…fixed. Have you ever seen the movie snake eyes? In a “fight” like this there are no winners and the biggest loser of all are the fans.

  1. Bob Costello says:

    You fail to understand why Mayweather did this… This gives him an out – he can now “consent” to give Ortiz a rematch rather than fight the one guy everybody wants him to fight: Manny Pacquiao (sp?). He can now spend another 6 months getting ready for Ortiz again, during which Manny will be forced to fight another lesser opponent and get older. Mayweather won’t technically be ducking him, but that’s what he’s doing. It was a brilliant move.

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