Here are Mike Valenti’s Las Vegas “Pimp” shoes. The guys have been discussing them today on the show. Valenti will wear these on Channel 7 this Sunday.

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  1. Rick Ramos says:

    To, Mike and Terry, Two years ago…I was able to listen to your show…I live in Toronto…I was born in Detroit….Love all Detroit sports!….Mike….You are the greatest! sports show host in America and Terry 2nd….I love the additoin of Matt…It was 3/4 hours of Heaven! CBS Radio …cut me off… now I have only the pod casts…Mike I agree…with you 100% of the time! THAT”S RIGHT! Is there a way…I can find a connection to your show? Via Computer?

  2. paul zarkowski says:

    long live morris day and the time!

  3. John says:

    @Rick Ramos – has an app for smart phones and a website.

  4. chill will says:

    G’s up downriver chicks down!! If that chick cant swim wit Mike V she bound to drizown. Women always looks at a mans shoes 1st!! Pimp tight!

  5. Floyd Mosley says:

    These shoe’s are off the hook!! THATS RIGHT!!!

  6. Durell Jacobs says:

    Mike V, I saw you Sunday morning on channel 7. First I didn’t recognize you and I was telling my wife look at this Itallian guy dressing like the Brothers…lol Then dude they showed your shoes and all I could do was throw my hands in the air! Then your name flashed on the bottom of the screen and I hit the floor. Dude you was sharp as a tack! Listen, I dress like that and people in the south call me a pimp but they just don’t understand that’s how we get down in the D. Seeing you and watching the lions win made my vacation back home most enjoyable!!! Go Lions! .

  7. Shadyrock says:

    Why are we looking at shoes on a Sports web site ? unless these shoes are upside Valenti or Derey
    s head I don’t want to see it.

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