NORTHVILLE TWP. (WWJ) – Two people have been injured after a minivan collided with a semi-truck in Northville Township Thursday morning.

WWJ City Beat Reporter Vickie Thomas was on the scene at 5 Mile between Beck and Sheldon roads, where she said the jaws of life had to be used to peel back the minivan’s roof in order to free the passengers from the vehicle after it partially ran underneath a semi-truck.

WWJ’s Bill Szumanski was over the scene in the WWJ 950 Chopper.

“This minivan went so far underneath the back of this semi truck it was up to the support beam that’s between the first and second row of seats,” Szumanski said.

Northville Township Public Safety Director John Werth said the driver sustained serious injuries.

“Right now, it’s not a fatality. The accident happened around 6 a.m. this morning. A semi truck was making a left turn into Centennial Drive, the vehicle that was traveling behind it swerved at the last second and struck the rear corner of the semi truck,” Werth said.

The driver was taken via helicopter to U-M Medical Center while the other passenger was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. The semi truck driver was not injured.

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Comments (2)
  1. Crash McCar says:

    Another example of driving too fast and not paying attention (digital device here?). These are typical symptoms of the Michigan Speed Freak Driver, the most dangerous animal on the road

    1. Respect says:

      FIRST: This was a member of my family so please show some respect. No digital device was used.

      SECOND: As he is in the ICU fighting for his life you want to “comment” about him and call him a “dangerous animal”. I think the most dangerous animal is the ignorance on the internet. Don’t go around speculating when you have no idea what the facts are. That’s what Facebook is for.

      Please do the right thing and remove your comments before the rest of my family sees it. They have enough to deal with at this moment.

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