LANSING (WWJ) – How does beer figure into Governor Rick Snyder’s health reform message?

Gov. Snyder wants the state to lose weight and one place to start might be the 29 gallons of beer consumed annually per capita in Michigan.

WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick said less consumption might equal fewer people who are overweight.

“Reduce that consumption with perhaps a beer tax and people might get lighter,” Skubick said.

Dr. Dean Sienko, head of the Ingham County Health Department, said he would be on board with a potential beer tax.

“I support a beer tax,” Sienko said. “I think studies have generally shown that when you raise a tax on something, use of that product goes down.”

The governor, however, has not endorsed a beer tax increase, but he might get the recommendation from a health summit that took place in Lansing on Wednesday.

Read more on Gov. Snyder’s plan for a healthier Michigan, here.

Comments (11)
  1. Dave S says:

    Don’t worry about beer, soda pop and other sugar based drinks are higher in calories than beer.

    1. allawash says:

      Exactly, I reduced my intake of sugary drinks, like pop, and lost 10 pounds in two months. Still drink beer though.

  2. Shawn Cullen says:

    Really sickens me to hear these smuck politicians tell me what I should eat, drink or whatever! This is supposed to be America! Land of the free!

  3. Thomas J. Carlin III says:

    If that filthy fascist of a governor is wanting Michigan to lose weight, I am sure we could shed a few tons by axing pRick Snyder and his crew of emergency fascist managers. This guy is a joke. All these tea baggers did was scream the gub’mt to big, and here we are with gub’mt getting to big by telling us what we can and can’t do and taxing us to death. Maybe we’ll all get lucky and his fat a$$ will have a coronary.

  4. Likes a few beers says:

    Leave the beer alone. You know, if it was only beer that made people fat, than there must be a lot of beer drinking welfare reciepients. I’m just sayin’.

  5. Cortland Richmond says:

    Taxes with an excuse! I LIKE it. ‘Course, I drink maybe three beers in a year. How ’bout we tax energy drinks? There’s not even a deposit on the cans.

  6. Char says:

    If you think your gonna tax beer for making people fat. Better start looking at food’s to. And also folk’s that just sit around and gain more weight. What is the U.S.A. coming to? It’s not appreciated what all you are doing to us. Like the other person said. We are suppose to be living in the Land of the FREE.

  7. Nate says:

    I am so glad I have a homebrew kit.

  8. Lindag says:

    Why is adding a new tax the only solution our government (local, state, etc.) ever comes up with? That seems to be their answer to everything – like it’s solved anything in the past – NOT!

  9. Patsy Miller Schwartz says:

    I’m sick to death of politicians taxing everything and saying it’s for our own good. My husband loves his beer, he’s in his late 50’s, and yes has a waistline (although it is getting smaller with exercise). He went to the doctor for a complete work-up and EVERYTHING came out PERFECT ! Liver, Kidneys, Heart, check,check,check. I hardly ever drink, am a skinny minnie and I got put on Cholesterol drugs, so like my hubby’s doc said “sometimes it’s just great genes . UH OH, now they’ll want to tax Genes.

  10. Aqua Bubble - Bubble Shooter says:

    Excellent post, I am going to bookmark this.

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