RIVER ROUGE (AP) – Canadian authorities say a mysterious humming noise plaguing residents of Windsor, Ontario, may be coming from a heavily industrialized Detroit-area island.

The Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News report Friday that seismic monitors in Windsor trace the hum to the area of Zug Island in the Detroit River.

Zug Island is part of River Rouge. The city’s Mayor Michael Bowdler said in a statement he has hired legal and technical experts to “find the source of this nuisance” and fix the problem.

Complaints about a humming noise started earlier this year in Windsor. People in the Detroit area also have made complaints.

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Comments (3)
  1. Friends of Zug says:

    Sure, blame it on Zug Island. The economy is weak, its Zug Island’s fault. Michiganders are overweight, its Zug Island’s fault. KIds aren’t going to school in Detroit, its Zug Island’s fault.

    Let this be a lesson America. Don’t name anything Zug or Canada will put blame on it.

  2. mike says:

    its coming from the coke battery on the island. When they decarb ovens every other 20 minutes they open up standpipes before they drop coal into ovens. When they open the charging ports air pulls into the oven and ignites the very lean gas left in the oven creating a popping noise. Sometimes the guys open the lids faster than they should sucking air into the oven quickly creating a big boom. you can here the vinration in the area and in doors but it makes sense that windsor hears it due to the battery facing the water and traveling over it. trust me i use to work there

    1. The Windsor Hum says:

      ATTN: mike
      Can you email me?
      email: thewindsorhum@gmail.com

      I would love to learn more!

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