LANSING (WWJ) – Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano are leading a delegation to Asia with stops in China, Japan and South Korea. And, they’re going during a global economic slowdown.

“One of the things that has been, I guess, sort of different about this slowdown is that the auto industry is still pretty well maintaining itself, the domestic auto industry,” Ficano said. “There are a number of growths that are still happening globally. China now, I believe, has more cars that they sell in China versus even  the U.S. market and so they’re attracted especially to the technology, the engineering talent.”

Ficano said they want to get the message out on the trip that southeast Michigan is open for business.

“We have now currently about 56 Chinese companies in Wayne County and we have some huge Japanese companies, Yazaki and some of the  others whose headquarters we’ll be visiting and obviously the discussion of expansion and growing, it’s tied to technology and the auto industry.”

Read more about their trip to Asia, here.


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  1. A Michigan Engineer says:

    Please notice our Michigan leaders are more interested in developing Asian and Japanese companies than Michigan-American companies. As an American working engineer who sees the inside objectives, foreign companies are taking advantage of American resources. The American aggressor capitalist is not. What are CEO Snyder and Sheriff Ficano doing for American owned and operated industry?

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