By Ron Dewey

DETROIT (WWJ) – Prices at the pump have fallen below $3 a gallon in some spots in Michigan — and if you haven’t been lucky enough to come across them yet, oil analysts say you soon could.

The relief is expected to spread after a sharp drop in oil prices last week. But people in other parts of the country may not catch as big of a break. Analysts say prices from state-to-state are varying more than usual – with people in some coastal states paying $0.50 more than the national average.

A station near East Lansing is reportedly selling gas for $2.98 cents a gallon. Analysts expect that relief to spread with the dropping cost of crude oil — some places may even see prices as low as $2.50 by Thanksgiving.

WWJ went on “Petro Patrol” Monday morning and caught up with James Jallis of Farmington Hills, who drives a construction van around town. Seeing a nearly $.30 drop in the price at the pump is a welcome change for his wallet.

“It’s a super feeling,” Jallis said. “That’s all it is. Keeps a couple extra dollars, you can buy an extra donut on the way to work.”

“I have three kids one in college. Saving money anywhere I can defintely helps,” said another motorist.

Other drivers say this helps their household budget, and in the case of one commuter — helping to support two grown daughters who can’t find work and are back at home.


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