Recapping Mike Valenti’s Live Chat

12:43 PM Conor ban: What do you think Dantonio is going to name his next trick play?
12:43 PM Mike valenti ban: kansascity I dont believe the gardner stuff, seems like protecting denards ego and confidence, nothing more. He cannot be worse in air.
12:43 PM moe ban: how is the rookie knightgonna do for the pistions when ever the season starts
12:43 PM Joe banana: I’d name it Terry Foster. He knows tricks.
12:43 PM e60Spartan ban: dman, I think most MSU fans are glad to have a consistent coach who seems to be bringing in talent and improving the program
12:43 PM dbree22: who would you rather face? a tampa rays team with awesome pitching but you beat 6 out of 7 this year or the sox who dominated the tigers this year?
12:43 PM tcrazy11 ban: espartan do u really want to see michigan play the gophers or a northwestern team that lost to army?
12:43 PM Conor ban: I think knight is going to be awesome…. just a matter of when is all it is
12:44 PM JT ban: Lions 24-15 over the Cowgirls
12:44 PM JeepinSpartan ban: Gotta ask, Coach D’s one major fault sometimes is blind loyalty to Senior players, do you think it any different result would happen with Maxwell at QB, guy has a great arm?
12:44 PM harold ban: why do the pistons suck such ***?
12:44 PM spartytank ban: Is that a veiled reference to Dantonio not being the right man for the MSU job, Mike?
12:44 PM Conor ban: It’s about time they got a true point guard
12:44 PM Conor ban: havent had one since isiah
12:44 PM e60Spartan ban: if you take a bum off the street and shack him up in a 1 bedroom apartment he’s going to think he’s livign in a mansion, at least for a little while
12:44 PM Sparty ban: How’s your fantasy team doing
12:44 PM Mike valenti ban: no jeepin, cousins is the starter period. Hes earned it.
12:44 PM Terry Foster: who wants to go downriver tig huntin?
12:44 PM harold ban: lol detroit sucks and its sports teams match. move out of there asap.
12:44 PM Mike valenti ban: sparty 3-0 and cruising. One word…GRONK
12:44 PM Scott ban: Mike, will you be tailgating at State for the UM game?
12:44 PM Mike valenti ban: bye tony
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12:45 PM e60Spartan ban: that took longer than expected
12:45 PM Conor ban: nice work evan
12:45 PM Mike valenti ban: Marcus I think Lauren is way hotter
12:45 PM Conor ban: agreed
12:45 PM greenman: they are both alright
12:45 PM B_Money ban: neither has a personality to speak of though
12:45 PM UMich Brian ban: I really want to know what makes someone like Denard Robinson regress as a passer, when his role is to become more of a pocket passer.
12:45 PM Mike valenti ban: BMoney I cant confirm that Ive never met them
12:45 PM Joe banana: Both are too young for me.
12:45 PM BigDave ban: Hey mike would you reccomend taking the lions in vegas since they boys are favored?
12:46 PM Mike valenti ban: not yet bigdave, im still pondering that one
12:46 PM harold ban: hey mike how are the pistons doing
12:46 PM UMAlumSlappy ban: Mike, are you on the show today or is it just Terry? I thought I heard you say he’d be on his own today -if so, bummer
12:46 PM Mike valenti ban: harold are you aware there is a lockout?
12:46 PM Conor ban: What do you see for the Red Wings this season?
12:46 PM joecool5672: mike what happened to your calvin johnson interviews on wednesday? is it because he’s a completely boring interview and at least suh seems interested in answering your questions?
12:46 PM harold ban: a what
12:46 PM Paul ban: shoudl i start keller or davis this week
12:46 PM mjr ban: tell me why denard isnt going to be the ultimate wildcat guy in the NFL!??!
12:46 PM Spartan KY ban: terry is busy unarming his weapon in preperation for dancing this weekend
12:46 PM harold ban: do you think they can get rondo
12:46 PM joecool5672: nothing against calvin but such a snore
12:47 PM dman0 ban: Mike, how good is BJ Cunningham? Is he as good as his career numbers says he is?
12:47 PM Mike valenti ban: suh bigger star, suh gets the nod
12:47 PM moe ban: i benched eli and he got thirty eight points i woulda won by one
12:47 PM Conor ban: why the hell would you want rondo when you just drafted your next point guard
12:47 PM UMich Brian ban: Rondo will NEVER come to Detroit, IMO harold
12:47 PM Mike valenti ban: dman NO, hes stayed in school unlike rogers, plax devin etc
12:47 PM e60Spartan ban: is fairley going to be noticable this weekend even?
12:47 PM harold ban: eli manning > mark sanchez
12:47 PM wyndcrew ban: Mike, what are the meal plans for the MSU v. Suckeyes this weekend?
12:47 PM Tdogg ban: mike, how is MSU going to match up with OSU this weekend?
12:47 PM Mike valenti ban: harold might need a timeout lol
12:47 PM JT ban: TFoss can your barber get me a 06’s style hairstlye when I go to Vegas and look like the a guy from the Playboy club show.
12:47 PM Conor ban: evan, can we get rid of harold?
12:47 PM JT ban: 60’s
12:47 PM BigDave ban: I think they leos have a good shot of blowing out the boys and making a statement if they play to their potential . i havent been impressed with the boys and their are banged up
12:48 PM Mike valenti ban: Tdogg, not well, we arent very good and have injuries EVERYWHERE.
12:48 PM harold ban: what did i do
12:48 PM Sparty ban: BoSox or Rays, who will the Tigers face?
12:48 PM Sean ban: Mike you ready to do some REAL RADIO today?
12:48 PM Spartan KY ban: +1 for the removal of harold
12:48 PM joecool5672: thanks mike i appreciate your time!
12:48 PM B_Money ban: is it too early to say that the Eagles were way overhyped?
12:48 PM UMich Brian ban: Sweet baby Jesus, Valenti, you draw a lot of trolls
12:48 PM tcrazy11 ban: do the rangers ever lose?
12:48 PM Mike valenti ban: brian it killes me, dont get it
12:48 PM JeepinSpartan ban: Mike have you met Chriss Vannini of the Oakland Press and, seems like a great young reporter to follow (twitter and news), was not sure your take on him.
12:48 PM Mike valenti ban: tcrazy, would you lose if you knew youd be coming to comerica? they cant win here
12:48 PM mjr ban: dont be fooled bryan, he LOVES it
12:48 PM mjr ban: drives up ratings
12:48 PM Tone ban: HELLO
12:49 PM Mike valenti ban: yes jeepin, nice kid
12:49 PM Dennis ban: Winter Classic 2012: Flyers v Rangers – when, if ever, is this getting played in Hockeytown?
12:49 PM mjr ban: and he’s made it clear that ratings are more important that content
12:49 PM Mike valenti ban: mjr…explain where ratings arent important?
12:49 PM Conor ban: When Sidney Crosby changes his tampon is when we would get it
12:49 PM tcrazy11 ban: im just saying that because i want the tigers to catch the rangers for 1st round home field
12:49 PM Spartan KY ban: can we get terry to stop telling us how to protect our gold?
12:49 PM UMich Brian ban: Matt Millen on ESPN….changing the channel
12:49 PM JT ban: winter classic will never be palyed in the D
12:49 PM mjr ban: controversy, howard stern, downriver ladies + terry, this is what makes $$
12:49 PM rayboy ban: cowboys to me NOT impressive last night, not impressed by a team that gets 6 FGs and no TD’s, kinda embarrassing
12:49 PM mjr ban: they are important mike
12:49 PM wyndcrew ban: Mike, whats the menu on Saturday, or just holing up in the mans room?
12:49 PM j_pretty ban: mike, whats the deal with the gator chomp at states stadium whenever they get a first down
12:49 PM Mike valenti ban: rayboy Skins D is better than you think.
12:49 PM Tone ban: Mike, Are you really “done” with the rivalry? We need you! MSU alum
12:49 PM BigDave ban: Mike i caught terry getting with my female roomate last night. Should she get tested?
12:49 PM Dennis ban: Conor: Crosby = Lindros II
12:50 PM mjr ban: mute marcus, mute!
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12:50 PM MarcusFromDetroit ban: sorry
12:50 PM Mike valenti ban: Tone I’m tired of it. truly. No satisfaction or enjoyment. Excuses whining anger trolling…silliness
12:50 PM dman0 ban: Mike, what is better: old Spartan green or new Spartan “Forest” green?
12:50 PM B_Money ban: Are the Bills for real? Or are they just getting some breaks?
12:50 PM Conor ban: haha I really despize that guy
12:50 PM tdogg769 ban: I don’t see why Denard is getting so much praise right now. I am a michigan fan but I am sick and tired of all the “Denard is a beast” from the slaps..can we please beat a LEGIT team first
12:50 PM mjr ban: its an act tone
12:50 PM Mike valenti ban: new green
12:50 PM CBSDetroitModerator mod: You have ten minutes left with Mike Valenti so get your questions in now
12:50 PM Sparty ban: Fister amazing trade or what
12:50 PM AJ ban: Mike, what’s your strategy for todays picks?
12:50 PM JT ban: Mike what do you think of Lions 24 cowgirls 15
12:51 PM dkm100 ban: Mike who has a worse offensive line Detroit or Dallas?
12:51 PM Mike valenti ban: mjr…two weeks running….what is the issue and why are you here?
12:51 PM mjr ban: he’s gonna get all huffy puffy and say he cant stand the people’s calls
12:51 PM Conor ban: O line for Dallas sucks
12:51 PM mjr ban: i want to talk football, thats all
12:51 PM UMAlumSlappy ban: I’m going to roll into East Lansing with all kinda of Brady Hoke Butter lathered all over me
12:51 PM moe ban: can they give verlander nl cy young too cause he a beast
12:51 PM Spartan KY ban: fister was by far our best move this year
12:51 PM Tone ban: Who came up with that phrase: butter anyweays?
12:51 PM Paul ban: can Backus handle Ware this weekend?
12:51 PM Dennis ban: Verland über alles
12:51 PM MarcusFromDetroit ban: fist her is alwasy a good move
12:51 PM Conor ban: I can’t believe how good he’s been
12:51 PM mjr ban: this is an open forum, i enjoy the show, you want me to be a v+F slappy?
12:51 PM Mike valenti ban: fister was stroke of genius amazing perforance thus far
12:51 PM Spartan KY ban: unbelievable
12:51 PM Conor ban: I think I saw something like 4 runs earned in 56 innnings
12:52 PM Conor ban: which is unreal
12:52 PM UMAlumSlappy ban: Fister, Young….extensions (for real this time)
12:52 PM tcrazy11 ban: .53 era in september for fister
12:52 PM tdogg769 ban: Mike, my ? to you is this..who is the AL MVP? I got Granderson but what do ya think..its a tough choice
12:52 PM mjr ban: ok
12:52 PM benny1981 ban: mike usa vs italy in the upcoming world cup final ..who are you rooting for?
12:52 PM B_Money ban: burn
12:52 PM rayboy ban: even if david pauley dies out on the mound the deal was worth it for fister
12:52 PM mjr ban: you got it
12:52 PM e60Spartan ban: Mike, MSU’s DBs, they’ve tallied up some picks, as good as advertised or purely the result of poor competition, if the latter, how good are they really?
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12:52 PM Spartan KY ban: how much of his success do you credit to him having a better offense behing him?
12:52 PM dkm100 ban: Mike who has a worse offensive line Detroit or Dallas?
12:52 PM AJ ban: lol ^^
12:52 PM moe ban: dallas is awulf
12:52 PM Mike valenti ban: top two corners are good, after that? god help us
12:52 PM moe ban: no center
12:52 PM JeepinSpartan ban: College basketball cann’t be talked about on your show, only 5 of us in Metro Detroit that cares, but you loved joke about Travis Trice, I think he can be a program/glue/walton guy a need, disagree?
12:52 PM Mike valenti ban: agree jeepin
12:53 PM rayboy ban: after what cleveland gave up for JIMENEZ i think its fair what we gave up for fister, its WIN
12:53 PM JT ban: I really want to see Suh turn Romo into a hasbeen, oh thats right he is a hasbeen.
12:53 PM Dennis ban: so how DOES Joe Dumars spend the lockout w/ the new coaching staff?
12:53 PM dman0 ban: Mike, does the consideration of replaying of “Fight Night” at Nassau Coliseum make you hate the Islanders even more?
12:53 PM B_Money ban: Romo isn’t a hasbeen, he’s a never was
12:53 PM MarcusFromDetroit ban: whats fisters current contract look like, is this hsi last year?
12:53 PM Spartan KY ban: romo is no good
12:53 PM Mike valenti ban: marcus he is under control tthrough 2014 i believe
12:53 PM Conor ban: Any idea who the final forward and d men on the roster for the Red Wings will be?
12:53 PM rayboy ban: got fister thru 2015, and he makes less than 1million each year i believe
12:53 PM Mike valenti ban: romo sucks all sizzle and no steak
12:53 PM B_Money ban: Romo makes Eli look like Peyton
12:53 PM Sean ban: Mike, where do you think MSU’s defense stands in the B1G? More inparticular the defense?
12:53 PM Dennis ban: Lions Kool Aid + Mad Dog = Yummmmmm
12:53 PM JT ban: Go out and see the movie “REEL STEEL”
12:53 PM e60Spartan ban: Mike, thoughts on Braxton Miller? Can we get enough pressure on him to make him beat himself?
12:53 PM Spartan KY ban: easy there b money!
12:54 PM MarcusFromDetroit ban: mike how come you dont call out other radio hosts like some professional athletes do on twitter?
12:54 PM Mike valenti ban: e60, we pressure nobody, miller is young, they will run it and run it some more
12:54 PM benny1981 ban: mike usa vs italy in the upcoming world cup final ..who are you rooting for?
12:54 PM Mike valenti ban: if we had hoover id feel better
12:54 PM tdogg769 ban: Romo is considered “brave” for playing, I know that *** hurts what he has, but they kicked 6 FG’s, that’s just terrible that he’s getting all this “big $ QB” love
12:54 PM Mike valenti ban: italy
12:54 PM moe ban: do u think i can dress up as a blue koolaide guy for the mnf game
12:54 PM benny1981 ban: thanks
12:54 PM B_Money ban: Are the Lions going to be undefeated going into MNF?
12:54 PM Conor ban: Who in here thinks Joe Buck should find something better to do than call the game on Sunday
12:55 PM Mike valenti ban: very possible bmoney
12:55 PM Dennis ban: how’s my alma mater, Wayne Memorial, doing in football this year?
12:55 PM Terry Foster ban: mike im not gonna make it tonite. little b has ballet. catch ya tomorrow
12:55 PM Sean ban: I got to watch Hoover in HS thought he was overrated then, but I think he’s come along really well
12:55 PM moe ban: dennis no one cares
12:55 PM Tone ban: Does Terry like asian women?
12:55 PM Terry Foster ban: I sure do
12:55 PM Sean ban: What women does Terry not like?
12:55 PM MJZ ban: Mike: If I had told you on May 15th that game 162 for the Tigers could be HUGE.. and that they would already have the Central lined up 2 weeks previously… what would you have said to me?
12:55 PM rayboy ban: lions COULD be undefeated going into the BYE week lol but not likely, but could
12:55 PM bfish ban: bfish
12:55 PM dman0 ban: Hey Mike, Brian Trottier or Mike Bossey?
12:55 PM Mike valenti ban: MJZ crackhead lol
12:56 PM MJZ ban: some crackhead, huh? LOL
12:56 PM Mike valenti ban: ok guys gotta run, good talk. Thanks for coming.
12:56 PM JeepinSpartan ban: Any chance you guys will ever get beat guys on your show again, Matt Charboneau and Vincent Goodwill seem like they would have things to say and be entertaining – not like player boring interviews?
12:56 PM JT ban: Bossey
12:56 PM Dennis ban: ciao
12:56 PM MJZ ban: it’s a good feeling to be a crackhead today
12:56 PM Sean ban: Mike, what do you think about UM’s defense?
12:56 PM Terry Foster ban: mike the early show argued that Leyland is not out of the water yet
12:56 PM moe ban: thanks mike stay classy
12:56 PM e60Spartan ban: Get that podcast going!
12:56 PM JeepinSpartan ban: See ya
12:56 PM Sean ban: tell Dery to be the best that he can be today
12:56 PM CBSDetroitModerator mod: Thanks everyone for joining the Live Chat come back next week at 12:30 to chat with Mike once again
12:56 PM Spartan KY ban: thanks for your show mike, makes the work day way more tolerable. looking forward to 2!


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