10:31 AM  Starkomilicic: When is Wojo coming back to the airwaves.  You guys need to get the band back together.

10:32 AM  chrisbroncos76: say

10:32 AM  Matt Dery ban: starko.. ageed.  i miss bibsy

10:32 AM  Rob: Tigers-Phillies world series….mark it down

10:32 AM  Matt Dery ban: okay rob.. outting you down for that WPRE prediction

10:32 AM  Eric ban: yeah and phillies in 4 or 5

10:32 AM  Matt Dery ban: putting

10:32 AM  Eric ban: be careful what you ask for

10:33 AM  Matt Dery ban: maybe the phillies can pull thee old “pistons 2004 five game sweep”.  siren

10:33 AM  Eric ban: haha

10:33 AM  Starkomilicic: is doug fister this teams rasheed wallace?

10:33 AM  bfish ban: Tell Mike to try to calm down, he does a great job and he is letting these idiot callers get him fired up, I dont want to see him implode

10:33 AM  chrisbroncos76: When is Fairley gonna finally play?

10:33 AM  Rob: I’m sure Mike and Terry would have to agree haha

10:34 AM  Matt Dery ban: i think chris.. maybe this week.  not that Schwartz will tell us

10:34 AM  chris: Any word on where you guys will be doing the show for the Monday night game?  And will you be present?

10:34 AM  Matt Dery ban: maybe gunther C will hint at it later this week

10:34 AM  chrisbroncos76: how many other radio show producers have the nickname “Diesel” LOL

10:34 AM  Matt Dery ban: fool… i’m an on-air guy.. i just produce their show because mike and terry need a full-time babysitter

10:34 AM  Matt Dery ban: lol

10:35 AM  chrisbroncos76: that is true, they would go nuts without a third party

10:35 AM  Starkomilicic: did you catch the jonah hill interview last week on stern?

10:35 AM  chrisbroncos76: thats why I love days when its just D and T, or D and M

10:35 AM  Matt Dery ban: chris… not sure yet.  i think i will attend that lions/bears game for sure.. need some monday night butter in my diet

10:35 AM  StuckinDC ban: I appreciate the chats with Dery more than the ones with Mike because Dery doesn’t bring out all the trolls like Mike does

10:35 AM  bfish ban: Hey Matt are you doing play by play for the Titans still?

10:35 AM  Matt Dery ban: starko… yes.  caught a lot of it.  he was great.  and he loves fred norris!

10:35 AM  chrisbroncos76: lucky.. I got tickets to ATL @ ford field. Should be a great one

10:36 AM  Starkomilicic: i had no idea he was so close to dustin hoffman.. pretty funny

10:36 AM  Matt Dery ban: bfish… yes.  will do some games.  you read the eli holman story?  not good

10:36 AM  Matt Dery ban: stuckindc.. the trolls and walmarters do love to harrass mikey

10:37 AM  lazy ban: they harrass him because his skin is so thin

10:37 AM  bfish ban: Any chance you will eventually be the Pistons play by play guy

10:37 AM  Starkomilicic: mike is at his best when he’s irritated.  A sedated calm mike is no fun

10:37 AM  Matt Dery ban: lazy… Mike has a certain passion for sure.  and deep down.. he LOATHES those maize and bluers.  its all good.

10:38 AM  Matt Dery ban: bfish.. Blaha and Champion have a lot of good years left.

10:38 AM  MarkusKeno: What about the cavs

10:38 AM  MarkusKeno: ??

10:38 AM  TD ban: yeah, what about the cavs?

10:38 AM  TheRobe ban: HELLO

10:38 AM  Matt Dery ban: what about them?

10:38 AM  Matt Dery ban: hello robe

10:38 AM  MarkusKeno: Don’t they need and pbp guy

10:39 AM  bfish ban: Yeah i did hear about Holman, I like the Juwan Howard Jr. transfer for them

10:39 AM  Matt Dery ban: yes markus.. they are looking for one.

10:40 AM  Starkomilicic: i dont think the Cavs have deep enough pockets for Dery

10:40 AM  Matt Dery ban: bfish.. but they need eli!  he will have a huge year for them if reinstated.

10:40 AM  JT ban: Dery, maybe already discussed, but what happened to the “integrity” of the game???  Thought Soccia was better than that.

10:41 AM  Matt Dery ban: By the way.. depression sets in for me tomorrow morning at about 9 am.  When I open up my laptop and see that Tribe season really is over.

10:41 AM  JP SLIM ban: Go Tribe!!

10:41 AM  Matt Dery ban: JT… i dont love that he rested BOTH santana and weaver.  BUT.. he is looking out for his own guys.

10:41 AM  bfish ban: Yeah it will be nice, I love watching games at Calihan

10:42 AM  CBSDetroitModerator mod: Note from the editor the Indians season has been over for months now

10:42 AM  Matt Dery ban: again.. acta is not playing asdrubal or pitching masterson tonight

10:42 AM  Matt Dery ban: shut up evan

10:42 AM  Matt Dery ban: damn right jp

10:42 AM  lazy ban: BURN

10:42 AM  Matt Dery ban: stevedave.. i prefer not to look.

10:43 AM  JP SLIM ban: Actually, Dery, I was poking fun. Tribe was brutal Monday night.

10:43 AM  Matt Dery ban: white is struggling.  he may never recover from that finger injury.  but big Drew is gonna be damn good

10:43 AM  bfish ban: nothing better then your call a few years ago “order another round”

10:43 AM  TheRobe ban: so deez, who should tiger fans want the pitching deprived yanks or the the hitting deprived Rays

10:43 AM  yourmom: Matt, what do you think Wayne Seals thinks of the current Tribe season?

10:44 AM  JT ban: What percentage do you put on Tigers getting 2 seed?  Seems like Texas hasn’t lost in weeks.

10:44 AM  angrynucleus: Will Jim Thome ever retire?  He must be using Ageless Male.

10:44 AM  Matt Dery ban: bfish.. wow.  that was at bradley!!!.. first round of the NIT

10:44 AM  Matt Dery ban: jt… rangers are on a roll.  bats are hot.  just like the tigers

10:45 AM  Matt Dery ban: yourmom… seriously.  seals is what the tribe needs

10:45 AM  Matt Dery ban: stevedave.. No.  I want him gone

10:45 AM  Koz ban: Texas is going up against a guy with an ERA of 8.00 tonight…the Tigers will be playing in NY guys

10:45 AM  greg: If you had to pick a winner today, Michigan or Michigan State? CFB

10:45 AM  Trome1965: I rather face the Rays any day over the yanks…

10:45 AM  Matt Dery ban: therobe… i don’t ever want to play the yankees and start on the road

10:46 AM  Matt Dery ban: greg… my picks are awful so far this year.  I need to watch MSU this weekend

10:46 AM  Matt Dery ban: trome… me too

10:46 AM  greg: Should be a good game this weekend – OSU 24 MSU 20

10:46 AM  Matt Dery ban: especially with wade davis maybe pitching game 1

10:46 AM  Trome1965: Matt, does Valenti boast pocket squares on his boxers?

10:47 AM  bfish ban: The only reason I want to play the Yankees in the first round is you only need 3 games to win in the first round,

10:47 AM  TheRobe ban: thanks matt love your work..was that the bradley team coached by jim les?  was Obrant on that squad

10:47 AM  Matt Dery ban: trome.. thats a question for him.  but that pocket square addiction is bizarro

10:47 AM  Trome1965: yes it is

10:47 AM  CBSDetroitModerator cleared messages from user SteveDave.

10:47 AM  Trome1965: sorry to bring him up

10:47 AM  Matt Dery ban: jim les was the coach.  dont remember who was on that team.  just remember rashad and the boys going to bradley.. to uconn and to dayton and winning

10:48 AM  TheRobe ban: how do you think the Wings will do on the cold floor this year

10:48 AM  greg: Dery – is McCoy a top 15 QB?

10:48 AM  bfish ban: all the way to MSG

10:48 AM  Koz ban: wow, lions are 3-0, tigers are in the post-seaon and you guys are talking about Valenti and the Indians…Deez-I feel sorry for you lol

10:48 AM  Jbernst22 ban: Deez.  Do we have a right to be disappointed in Mike Scioscia over how he is handling the last two games?

10:48 AM  Matt Dery ban: greg.. not yet.  but i do like the kid.  that offensive coordinator does not impress me

10:48 AM  lazy ban: how do you feel about the wings possibly moving to the east?

10:49 AM  Matt Dery ban: koz.. it is what it is

10:49 AM  greg: Best athlete interview – Suh, Calvin or Burleson?

10:49 AM  angrynucleus: How many more seasons until Calvin is elite to Chris Carter?

10:49 AM  Matt Dery ban: jbernst22.. people should be a little upset.  but.. tribe is kind of doing same thing

10:49 AM  Matt Dery ban: greg.. Nasty Nate.  by far.  guy is awesome

10:50 AM  greg: Loved how he called into the show the other day to talk about his manbag

10:50 AM  TheRobe ban: who was a better coach at the Palace..Luginbill,Ludzik,or Curry

10:50 AM  JP SLIM ban: Deez, I heard you are getting a wallet holster ASAP

10:50 AM  bfish ban: Do you think McCallum Jr. will have a breakout season this year, i was kinda dissapointed last year, i know he was a freshman but still seemed lost a lot

10:50 AM  Matt Dery ban: burleson is a once in a lifetime type of interview.  just “gets it”

10:50 AM  CBSDetroitModerator mod: We have ten Minutes left with the GREAT Matt Dery aka Le Mesa Grande aka the BIG table aka the Mayor aka the Diesel Get your questions in now

10:50 AM  SteveDave has been banned by CBSDetroitModerator.

10:50 AM  CBSDetroitModerator cleared messages from user SteveDave.

10:51 AM  Jbernst22 ban: But at least the tribe started Jiminez.  I mean, the Angels got eliminated monday night and then just shut down the whole team.  Is this because of Guillen/Weaver?

10:51 AM  angrynucleus: Valenti obviously handling the moderating duties today.  Hahaha

10:51 AM  JP SLIM ban: Evan, don’t forget Diesel’s other AKA… D.O.P

10:51 AM  Matt Dery ban: jbern… you could say maybe scoscia is paying the tigers back for the guillen bush league move.  but.. weaver and ervin are both exhausted

10:51 AM  TheRobe ban: Deez, Is there really a little Denny Mclain in all of us

10:51 AM  CBSDetroitModerator mod: Sorry other aka’s for Matt Dery DOP DOD

10:52 AM  Matt Dery ban: fool… that guy is the worst.  agreed.

10:52 AM  Matt Dery ban: therobe.. famous eli z quote.  great drop from the old days at wdfn.

10:52 AM  Jbernst22 ban: Deez.  If we end up playing the yankees on the road, who do you think takes the series?

10:53 AM  Matt Dery ban: bfish.. he will be a MONSTER this year.  i think people expected ray to score a ton.  this year he will.

10:53 AM  TheRobe ban: Has Paul ever met Eli.I mean if I was Paul I would not want that guy hawking my TV’s

10:53 AM  Matt Dery ban: fool.  yes

10:53 AM  Matt Dery ban: therobe… good to have connections i guess

10:54 AM  Matt Dery ban: jbern.. i need to see whom the yankees pitch in game 3.

10:54 AM  Matt Dery ban: i assume it will be CC and then nova

10:54 AM  JP SLIM ban: Game 3 yanks pitch big fat Bartolo Colon

10:54 AM  TheRobe ban: who was better Max Alvis or Cory Snyder

10:54 AM  Matt Dery ban: Look up CC in 2007 in the playoffs.  dude cost me a ring.

10:54 AM  Jbernst22 ban: I bet its Burnett

10:54 AM  TheRobe ban: CC has cost a lot of people more than just rings

10:54 AM  Matt Dery ban: therobe.. kid cory was tremendous in 1986.  then the bottom fell out

10:55 AM  Koz ban: It’s funny because everyone was so confident 2 weeks ago saying “yeah but we have Verlander out there twice”…they forgot CC can go twice and is almost as good as JV.

10:55 AM  bfish ban: Tigers pitching versus Yankees pitching will be the difference, as long as we dont think we will get to Mariano

10:55 AM  Matt Dery ban: koz.. I’ll take JV over CC

10:55 AM  TheRobe ban: if you believe Verlander cant get MVP..shouldn’t Cabrera get it..

10:56 AM  Koz ban: Easily, just saying CC is a beast.

10:56 AM  vinnievegas ban: Verlander gives up a lot of home runs and they’re playing the Yanks… it’s a concern

10:56 AM  Matt Dery ban: bfish.. watch out for Dave Robertson.. if yankees are tied or have a late lead.. that dude is nasty

10:56 AM  TheRobe ban: vinnie is right..remember the opener when the Grandy Man did it

10:56 AM  Matt Dery ban: Fool.. seriously dude?  you think you are funny?

10:56 AM  JP SLIM ban: Matt, Is it true Cabrera is going to win the batting title this season??  Under the radar?

10:57 AM  VelvetHug ban: Personally, I can’t wait for the playoffs to start. JV is going to throw 7 no-hitters, and the Tigers will sweep every series

10:57 AM  Matt Dery ban: miggy cabrera is flat out unstoppable right now.  guy hits everything.

10:57 AM  Matt Dery ban: velvethug… is this lynn?

10:57 AM  JP SLIM ban: What happen to the dude on the BoSox? I thought he was running away with it a month ago? Cabrera is a beast

10:58 AM  TheRobe ban: congrats to you and your show..Love how you continue to MOP up in the ratings

10:58 AM  Matt Dery ban: jpslim.. ellsbury?  he has a shot

10:58 AM  bfish ban: thanks for the chat

10:58 AM  vinnievegas ban: We’ve hit pretty much every pitcher lately, if we play the Yanks, we can get to CC… hopefully score early and often before we get to Rivera

10:58 AM  Matt Dery ban: thanks robe.  i dont do much.  its mike and terry.  those 2 are studs in the business

10:58 AM  JP SLIM ban: Yeah thats him Jacoby Ellsbury. I’d still take Cabrera any day.

10:58 AM  TheRobe ban: Terry thinks he is a stud thats for sure

10:58 AM  VelvetHug ban: If I was lynn, I would have said that I thought the Tigers were going to sweep every series, JV would pitch 7 no-hitters, and that Leyland would could cancer and solve the Darfur problem

10:59 AM  Matt Dery ban: anyone read that rosenberg column today?  that was some solid bread

10:59 AM  Koz ban: Deez- are you guys doing anything for home game 1? any remotes?

10:59 AM  Matt Dery ban: i’m sure jim schwartz loved it.  uy

10:59 AM  vinnievegas ban: Dery, I’m working on a theme song intro for the show… that old theme sucked hehe

11:00 AM  JP SLIM ban: Thanks for the Live Chat Matt. Keep up the good work.

11:00 AM  Matt Dery ban: koz… yes.  we should know tonight.  for sure.

11:00 AM  Matt Dery ban: thanks JP

11:00 AM  TheRobe ban: why doesn’t schwartz show his human side

11:00 AM  bfish ban: Looking forward to great year of college basketball around herem go titans and wolverines

11:00 AM  vinnievegas ban: I’ll send you a link when it’s done, Matt

11:00 AM  Matt Dery ban: therobe.. I think he is a Belichick disciple.  and if he wins.  no one will care.

11:01 AM  CBSDetroitModerator cleared messages from user Fool.

11:01 AM  Matt Dery ban: thanks vinnie

11:01 AM  Eric ban: just popped back in, was listening to the peter king podcast with the schwartz. unique topics, some statistical stuff. great listen

11:01 AM  VelvetHug ban: why does everyone love peter king?

11:01 AM  Matt Dery ban: was it good eric?

11:01 AM  TheRobe ban: thats why i like rex ryan. he has a pulse.listening to schwartz,reid,belichick,and most of those guys is detah

11:02 AM  Eric ban: yeah

11:02 AM  StuckinDC ban: people in Detroit love Peter King because he’s a Lions slappy

11:02 AM  Matt Dery ban: i like rex ryan too and rob ryan will be a great head coach one day

11:02 AM  Eric ban: he’s the first guest too

11:02 AM  vinnievegas ban: I’m that guy Vince in Troy who’s ticket texts never get read lol

11:02 AM  Fool ban: Evan is good at his job

11:02 AM  JP SLIM ban: Matt can you post a link to the Rosenberg column?

11:02 AM  Fool has been banned by CBSDetroitModerator.

11:02 AM  Eric ban: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/nfl-podcast-with-peter-king/id463843094?v0=WWW-NAUS-ITUHOME-TOPPODCASTS&ign-mpt=uo%3D2

11:02 AM  TheRobe ban: cause peter king is very credible and has a sense of humor

11:02 AM  Darko ban: Is this the Mount Dry chat?

11:03 AM  Matt Dery ban: i dont get it darko.. explain?

11:03 AM  Eric ban: you can just click the play button next to the title and stream it

11:03 AM  Koz ban: Here come the trolls, that’s my cue to headout. Goodluck.

11:03 AM  Matt Dery ban: vinnie.. we will read some.  patience my friend

11:03 AM  Matt Dery ban: thanks koz.

11:03 AM  Matt Dery ban: 1 more minute guys

11:03 AM  vinnievegas ban: I know, they’ve been read before it’s all good

11:03 AM  TheRobe ban: Gut feeling..if there is a season..Will Rip and/or Tay be a Piston

11:04 AM  bfish ban: do the Titans make the Dance this year

11:04 AM  Darko ban: Mount Dry: Do you think the Tuh will ever win the World Series?

11:04 AM  Matt Dery ban: tay is gone i think

11:04 AM  Matt Dery ban: bfish.. yes

11:04 AM  Eric ban: have a good one. matt, tell boswell to stop stressing over fantasy. i got 5 texts at 215 this morning

11:04 AM  Matt Dery ban: the great scott boswell?  wow

11:04 AM  vinnievegas ban: have a good one Matt tell v&f I said hi @vincesmithmusic

11:04 AM  Matt Dery ban: darko.. yes.  hope i am alive to see it

11:05 AM  StuckinDC ban: I hope Tay is gone… he’s the basketball equivalent of Magglio

11:05 AM  Eric ban: yes, that scott boz

11:05 AM  Matt Dery ban: saw the pistons coaches at tigers/tribe the other night

11:05 AM  CBSDetroitModerator mod: Thanks everyone for joining the chat today. The HUMBLE Matt Dery will be joining you again at 10:30am next Wednesday.

11:05 AM  Eric ban: like the fat kid in dodgeball. i’m out.

11:05 AM  Matt Dery ban: hey now

11:05 AM  Darko ban: Why does Valenti have such horrible taste in clothes?


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