DETROIT (WWJ) – American students don’t know much about the civil rights movement, including those in Michigan — the long-time home of civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has given 35 states, including Michigan, an “F” based on how much students are taught about civil rights in school.

“The southern states did a little better than the other states. States with a higher African-American population did a little better,” said Richard Cohen, president of the Law Center.

Alabama and Florida were among the few states given “A” grades. Those states require relatively detailed teaching about civil rights.

According to the report, public school standards are one major cause of the problem.

  1. Jeanne says:

    I agree that this issue is huge…and everyone should learn history. History is not only a factual story and very interesting but Civil Rights and other historic events really have shaped who we are as a whole. We not only learn so much at the time (when “history” is being created) but later, when we look back at historic events we learn again! I have a son who is Autistic and LOVES history – he loves to hear the events that took place, the stories and what led us to be where we are now. He LOVED learning about Dr. King, civil rights and many other historic events in school. He would come home and eagerly tell me about it, what happened in that event’s history and “little known facts” he learned…it was so exciting for him! (He is 20 yrs old now). I wish all schools really took the time to communicate and educate about Civil Rights and all history – because it’s reall very important.

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