TRAVERSE CITY — The digital marketing firm Oneupweb is sponsoring BRIM 2011 — a conference Nov. 10 whose name is an acronym for Bring Relentless Innovation to Michigan.

With the help of other Michigan business owners, executives and experts, BRIM 2011 will deliver strategies and best practices to help businesses grow and thrive within Michigan — all at no cost.

“We couldn’t be more excited about creating and hosting such an engaging and valuable event,” explains Oneupweb CEO and founder, Lisa Wehr. “‘It’s more than just about inspiring; it’s actually going to provide business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs with the answers they need to succeed.”

As Wehr said, BRIM 2011 is there to answer questions, which is why Oneupweb decided to steer away from having speakers and seminars, and instead create a conversational event. BRIM 2011 will consist of three panels, all live Q&As to allow attendees to interact with panelists, covering all things marketing (both traditional and digital methods) — business planning, branding, engagement, public relations and more.

And if that’s not interactive enough, attendees can apply to be considered for a pitch session that will take place in front of the entire BRIM 2011 audience and the Northern Michigan Angels in conjunction with the BlueWater Angels. Due to limited seating, Michigan business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs are asked to fill out an application to be considered for registration. Deadline to apply for this event is Oct. 24.

The titles for the panel discussions are “Advancing to the Next Level,” “Engage with Purpose and Brand with a Plan” and “Spearheading Social Media Marketing,” all featuring live Q&As.

BRIM 2011 panels are composed of forward thinking companies, entrepreneurs and business educators, whom all were selected based on their passion for business development and their expertise.

To view the official agenda, learn more about the panelists and sponsors, and to attend BRIM 2011, visit

Comments (2)
  1. Concerned TC Citizen says:

    If you are a company planning going to this event my advice is to stay away. “Current Employee” is right in their comment, they’re just looking for clients. Check if you want to know the truth about this company. If you and your company have any respect for human beings, don’t ever hire OUW. I’ve been watching them for years and they treat their employees very poorly, to the point of almost a 48% turnover rate. I think there is a group of 150 ex-employees(with only 40 current employees) who all experienced the same thing, you’re either treated like a dog or a high school detention student. If you’re a respectful company I would not associate yourself with OUW.

    1. OUW'r says:

      Concerned TC Citizen’s comments are patently false. I’m confused as to how a lowly citizen would know turnover rates and the number of ex-employees or why they’d be “watching us for years.” Speaking as a current member of Oneupweb, I completely disagree with the dissent. I work with some of brightest, most talented people around and we constantly produce stellar work. You want an honest look at the business, just look at the rewards and what we’ve been able to accomplish.

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