LANSING — The Michigan Film Office announced Monday that the feature film “A Dot Com Affair” has been approved for a film incentive from the state.  The film is set in Benton Harbor and is expected to shoot in Benton Harbor, St. Joseph and the surrounding areas.

“This project will feature the incredible scenery and locations in southwest Michigan, while investing in our Michigan workforce and the local economy,” said Carrie Jones, director of the Michigan Film Office.  “It fits well with our overall mission to attract projects to Michigan that will help promote the state and grow our film industry.”

A Dot Com Affair was awarded an incentive of $493,719 on $1,175,522 of projected in-state expenditures. The approval was made prior to the new appropriations-based structure that took effect on Oct. 1. The project is expected to hire 91 Michigan workers with a full time equivalent of 9 jobs.

The film tells the story of the changing fortunes of husband and wife, Bob and Janet, as they come into a fortune suddenly, and lose it all again just as quickly.  Along the way, a plot of intrigue and blackmail develops.

In 2011, 21 projects have been approved with $24,572,406 in incentives being awarded on $59,063,879 of approved production expenditures for the year. These projects are expected to create 1,948 Michigan hires with a full time equivalent of 396 jobs.

All applications for film incentives receive a thorough review by a Michigan Economic Development Corp. committee comprised of the senior vice president of marketing and communications, the senior vice president of policy, the vice president of business development and the director of the Michigan Film Office.

Using the statute to guide approval decisions, preference is given to projects that best meet the following criteria:

1. The production is financially viable.
2. Utilization of existing infrastructure (studios, post-production facilities, film labs, etc.).
3. The number and wage levels of direct jobs for Michigan residents created by a production.
4. Ability to show Michigan in a positive light and promote the state as a tourist destination.
5. Magnitude of estimated expenditures in Michigan.

Since the incentives took effect in April 2008, the Film Office and the Department of Treasury have approved a total of $385,638,220 in film incentives on $980,436,983 in total qualified expenditures by productions in Michigan. This represents 226 projects that have been approved to date, including 157 projects that have actually wrapped in the state.

The Michigan Film Office was created in 1979 to assist and attract incoming production companies and promote the growth of Michigan’s own film industry. The Film Office also administers the incentive program for film, television and other digital media production in Michigan, as well as infrastructure development and workforce training.

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  1. Renee says:

    It will create 91 jobs….that equate to 9 (NINE) full-time jobs. REALLY?? So you have 91 people working less than 4 hours a week. Wow! Where can I sign up?

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