10:45 AM  Welcome to the ‘971theticket’ room.

10:39 AM  Darko ban: Oh. Nice.

10:39 AM  Darko ban: Stoney

10:39 AM  Stoney971 ban: its weird..it just happened..

10:40 AM  Stoney971 ban: yes Mr.Milicic

10:40 AM  Darko ban: Where is John Lund these days?

10:41 AM  Stoney971 ban: I believe he is in Portland Oregon

10:41 AM  Darko ban: He is so bad

10:42 AM  spartytank ban: About Papa Grande’s “guarantee” of two Tiger wins today and tomorrow…

10:43 AM  Darko ban: Stoney.

10:43 AM  airball7 ban: Do you find the TBS baseball production (a) execrable, or (b) merely horrible? Farmington Hills local access has better announcers and production values

10:43 AM  spartytank ban: Do you think that was his actual intent, or liberal translation from whoever the reporters were? I can’t imagine jolly Papa Grande making a guaransheed.

10:45 AM  Darko ban: Stoney971 has left the chat room

10:46 AM  Stoney971 ban: i think the production is really bad Airball..

10:46 AM  Stoney971 ban: it was not a guarantee like Rasheed..He said he was joking in one interview.even the NY Daily News said he was joking

10:47 AM  Darko ban: Stoney

10:47 AM  Stoney971 ban: yes

10:48 AM  Darko ban: Best single building, exclusive to Metro Detroit restaurant. Go.

10:48 AM  Stoney971 ban: right now i go with Union Woodshop

10:49 AM  airball7 ban: The Lions obviously are talented and wouldn’t have been able to make that type of comeback in seasons past, but the lead gets buried a bit, no? Romo threw two TD passes to the Lions

10:49 AM  Darko ban: Do you and Foster get together and talk about how much you don’t watch sports?

10:49 AM  Stoney971 ban: there are others i really like too…La Dolce Vita..Spositas

10:49 AM  Stoney971 ban: Romo did mess up but the Lions made the plays

10:50 AM  Darko ban: Zingerman’s is the best

10:50 AM  Stoney971 ban: I watch tons of sports.ask my wife and kids if i warch sports

10:50 AM  Darko ban: Foster doesn’t

10:50 AM  Stoney971 ban: I love Zingermans…

10:51 AM  Darko ban: Foster talks about detroit and celine’s soccer games too much. Tell him to knock it off.

10:51 AM  airball7 ban: Zingerman’s gives you the NY experience, including price

10:51 AM  Stoney971 ban: i dont watch all the out of town college hoops ,nhl,and nba like i used to..but when you have a family you can’t watch it all

10:52 AM  Darko ban: That midday program is a disaster, I gotta say. Karsch and Fat gotta step it up

10:52 AM  airball7 ban: Prediction for number of regular season games the Pistons play this year?

10:52 AM  BobbyKnobby has been banned by CBSDetroitModerator.

10:52 AM  CBSDetroitModerator cleared messages from user BobbyKnobby.

10:52 AM  Stoney971 ban: bobby knobby thinks he is a comedian

10:53 AM  Stoney971 ban: its not my job to tell shows what to talk about

10:53 AM  CBSDetroitModerator mod: We have about 8 minutes left with Stoney so get your questions in now

10:53 AM  Stoney971 ban: people need to realize that the Morning Show is not a sports show..never was..but days like today we talk about it practically the whole show

10:54 AM  Darko ban: Can we make it a sports show so it won’t be bad?

10:54 AM  airball7 ban: Seems to me when the NHL locked out the owners were getting killed financially whereas the NBA is looking to simply break the NBAPA; agree or disagree?

10:55 AM  Stoney971 ban: The majority of listeners are not sports freaks like me. If we made it all sports, the ratings would tumble..All sports shows historically do not fare well in morning drive

10:55 AM  Stoney971 ban: WFAN did not make money until they put Imus in the morning years ago

10:55 AM  Darko ban: Honest question: So people like the random topics like what do farts taste like?

10:56 AM  Sports intern ban: lol

10:56 AM  Stoney971 ban: disagree airball..i think tons of NBA teams lose money…

10:56 AM  airball7 ban: Overall not though

10:56 AM  Darko has been banned by CBSDetroitModerator.

10:56 AM  airball7 ban: So it’s a revenue sharing problem and not a salary issue

10:57 AM  Stoney971 ban: well not the taste part..but yes most people think Farts are funny.  and the topics that everyone can relate to seem to be the most popular

10:57 AM  Sports intern ban: when do the lions get their first loss?

10:57 AM  Stoney971 ban: in early february..seriously..i have no idea. but my guess would be home to Atlanta…but who knows.its the NFL

10:58 AM  Sports intern ban: im all for a 16-0 season

10:58 AM  airball7 ban: How long can they succeed with ZERO running game?

10:58 AM  airball7 ban: Jahvid Best is career 2.9 per carry; oy

10:59 AM  Stoney971 ban: maybe they need to go 4 or 5 wide more often

11:00 AM  airball7 ban: Calvin Johnson rates where in your book?

11:00 AM  airball7 ban: Randy Moss 1999 level, or even better?

11:00 AM  CBSDetroitModerator mod: Thanks everyone for joining the chat with Stoney make sure you come back next week at 10:30 am with Stoney


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