By Mike Campbell

CANTON (WWJ) – Plymouth Canton students have been sent home early following a threat that led to a lock-down Monday morning.

Students at three high schools in the Plymouth-Canton district including Canton High School, Plymouth High School and Salem High were dismissed at 10 a.m. due to what school officials called “a possible threat of student retaliation.”

canton police Police Investigate Threat At Plymouth Canton Schools
(WWJ Photo/Mike Campbell)

Police and school officials said in a statement that a note indicating a possible retaliation was found on school grounds before school on Monday.

There was no immediate word as to what as to what the threat was about. No injuries have been reported.

In an email,  district spokesman Frank Ruggirello asked that parents and guardians not come to  the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park campus. “You will not be permitted on campus.  Please be patient as we follow the instructions from our police force,” Ruggirello wrote.

Canton police are not talking specifically about what was in the note, except to say that the message was “cryptic”, “disturbing” and targeted all three schools.

WWJ Newsradio 950’s Mike Campbell spoke with Canton Police Det. David  Schreiner who did offer a few more details about the note, which Schreiner said was found at Salem High by a teacher.

“The letter alluded to some displeasure about how the person was treated and then it included their indication to carry our some acts of violence,” Schreiner said.

Schreiner said police are now working to figure out who left the note and if it was a real threat or maybe a bad joke or prank.

All after-school activities at the campus have been canceled, but school officials said class would resume on Tuesday with an extra police presence on site.

As police and school administrators investigate, the district is offering a $1,000 reward for tips leading to an arrest in the case.

All leads should be directed to the Canton Township Department of Public Safety at (734) 394-5400.

Parents are urged to check the school district’s web site for the latest information.

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