Controversial Pastor Awaits Ruling On Dearborn Protests

DEARBORN (WWJ) – Controversial Koran-burning Florida pastor Terry Jones is hoping a Wayne County Circuit judge will lift a ban on where he can protest in Dearborn.

Jones is appealing his conviction for a breach of the peace at an appearance in the city earlier this year and fighting a ban that keeps him from appearing at the Islamic Center of America. On a previous visit, Jones was instructed to keep his protests in Dearborn’s so-called free speech zone at the City Hall.

“We expect that to be lifted. We expect that is what’s going to happen. They’re going to rule in our favor and that ban will be lifted or that ban will be thrown out. And when that ban is thrown out, then of course we will come back, shortly, we will come back and do a rally, demonstration there in front of the Islamic Center,” says Jones.

However, Jones won’t be present at Thursday’s hearing. “We’ll not be coming. We already had plans to come twice. They canceled the hearings both times, so we’re not able to come. I have other commitments,” he says.

Dearborn officials claim there’s no parking near the mosque where Jones wanted to appear, and that the city would need extra money for security to keep the peace because Jones is so controversial he would create a safety issue.

  • Fran

    Muslim Capital USA Dearborn have dug their own hole with this one. The USA is the last country in the world where the true nature of Islam can be freely challenged, as Dr Jones said in court before he was silenced. If it is such a wonderful religion of peace and tolerance, why does Michigan panic when Dr Jones comes there? Why do politicians and police bow to Muslim whining? Dr Jones is not afraid to be attacked and mocked. This is the United States of America. Land of the FREE home of the BRAVE. But Michigan? May the Judge who hears this case have more fear of the Constitution that of the Muslims in MI.

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