DETROIT (WWJ) – The news just keeps getting better for Michigan motorists, as gasoline prices across the state fell at least another 14 cents a gallon over the past week.

The statewide average was at $3.36 a gallon earlier this week and AAA’s Nancy Cain says, it’s just the continuation of a trend.

“Gas prices across the state are down almost 50 cents in the last month, and that includes almost 14 cents just this week. On average, we’re paying about $3.35 a gallon. So, really good news compared with what we were paying a month ago.”

Cain said there are several forces at work behind the drop.

“There’s really less demand for gas and it speaks to the much softer economy that we’re seeing, not only across the country but across the world. People are concerned and they’re not driving as much and also the third factor is gas prices do tend to come down as you leave the summer driving season.”

Despite the price relief, the auto club says the average is 60 cents per gallon higher than last year at this same time.

  1. Mac Roe Econ says:

    Price per gallon still costs more than this time last year. I don’t get excited by falling gas prices. Some wealthy guy somewhere will connect some inane disturbance in some nebulous factor that will set off gas speculators to increase the value for a barrel of oil. And considering all of Michigan’s economic plight and unemployment this state will pay much more than the others to refine that barrel. The economic bully always picks on Michigan

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