DETROIT (WWJ) – The program that promotes free carpool, vanpool, and bike partner matching, yields positive regional results, according to data from SEMCOG, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments.

In September 2011, MiRideshare saved nearly over one million miles of travel, resulting in fuel savings and reduced congestion. Also saved was over one million pounds of carbon dioxide with fewer vehicles on the road. For just one month, that is equivalent to the annual carbon dioxide emissions from over 90 vehicles or from 1,084 barrels of oil consumed.

According to SEMCOG, during September, nearly 1 million miles of travel were saved, along with more than one million pounds of carbon dioxide.

The dollar savings help individual users. The emissions reductions positively contribute to improved air quality and greener environment for all of Southeast Michigan.

MiRideshare, SEMCOG’s free carpooling program has been producing theses positive results since 1980. With over 6,000 participants in the online database, MiRideshare’s matching software gives commuters a quick, easy, and no-cost way to find carpool partners by matching them with other users based on shared commuting routes, schedules and preferences. Features include a commute calendar and automatic e-mail alerts along with carpool and bike matching.

More information on MiRideshare, visit


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