DETROIT (WWJ) – An anonymous person finds a lost wallet and returns it to its owner. And now that owner wants to reward the good Samaritan.

Mr. Coleman stopped to fill up his car at a BP station in Detroit on his way to work early Saturday morning. When he got to work he realized he had lost his wallet — money, credit cards, and ID’s.

Later that afternoon, his wife heard a knock on the door at their west side home. But when she opened it there was no one there.

Mrs. Coleman and her husband were shocked to fint that someone had left the wallet in the mail slot, with not a penny missing.

“You never know, I’m like ‘Wow!’ He said that was unbelievable,” said Mrs. Coleman.

Now the Colemans are offering a reward to the person who returned the wallet. But how does she root out the phonies?

“The person that returned the wallet knows what address they returned it,” said Mrs. Coleman.

The Colemans ask that the good Samaritan who returned the wallet call (313) 418-6242 to collect the reward.


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