FARMINGTON HILLS — Beringea Managing Director Jeff Bocan’s latest Huffington Post blog entry, “The Hidden Cost of ‘Made in China’: Tomorrow’s Jobs,” discusses the unimagined consequences of outsourcing manufacturing jobs overseas and highlights how the advanced battery sector may be a way to bring the country back to its manufacturing roots.

Bocan notes that in the last decade alone, the United States lost some five million manufacturing jobs to low-cost havens such as China, India and Mexico. He notes that competing countries are heavily subsidizing their high-tech manufacturing industries, from semiconductors to solar panels to LED lighting — so we must do the same, and a failure like the recent much-discussed Solyndra can be expected every so often. He also says, however, that professional investors should be closely involved in government efforts to support new high-tech manufacturing industries.

Bocan’s Huffington Post blog series focuses on venture investing in Michigan and other Rust Belt economies, shedding light on the opportunities and challenges awaiting entrepreneurs and the investors who support them.

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