If you decide to roam where the deer and the antelope play, you better wear a helmet. During a race in an animal reserve in South Africa over the weekend, a mountain biker named Evan van der Spuy was speeding through the beautiful landscape when he got wham, bam, thank you rammed by a Red Hartebeest (which is basically an oversized antelope). This animal ran in from the side, jumped in the air, and took out the rider at full speed. If the action is too fast in the beginning, there are two slow-motion replays starting at :33.

The event was caught on film because Evan’s teammate happened to be wearing a helmet cam. Somehow Evan was ok, even after he got t-boned by the buck. In honor of South Africa, the X Games should add a new event called “Mountain Biking With A Chance Of Hoof To Head Contact”.

  1. Joe Lewis Jr says:

    When animals attack LOL…. This is my HOOD man…..

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