By Jeff Riger

Being around athletes for the last 10 years or so, I find myself sometimes tuning them out — because most players speak in clichés. From “one game at a time” to “it’s only about what we do” I can almost predict what certain players will say at certain times.

So it was very interesting on Monday night after the Lions 24-13 victory over the Bears to hear an entertainer hold court inside the Detroit locker room. That man was none other than Kid Rock and whether or not he was full of it, I don’t know but I enjoyed hearing what he had to say.

He talked a lot about the city of Detroit and why the area is making a comeback. The K.I.D also spoke about wanting to be a fan himself because he has so many fans of his own. However I think the best part of his media session was a question that I had a chance to ask him (not to brag).

I asked if Rob Richie ever thought about living in a higher profile city and he didn’t hesitate to give me his answer. Unfortunately, I can not repeat his actual words because we do have rules that we have to follow so you will have to watch for yourself. The pride of Detroit also talked about conversations he had with head coach Jim Schwartz after the game.

Trust me, watch it, it is good! I would not lie to you. While you’re at it also watch the Rev Run piece about why Run DMC always will, and always have loved the city of Detroit and the Lions.

  1. nicole says:

    you should know his name is Bob Ritchie, not Rob Richie.

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