I was lucky enough to attend the Lions’ 1st Monday Night Football game since 2001 and it was well worth the wait.

Unbelievably, since 2007 every team in the NFL has played in a Monday Night Football game except for the Detroit Lions. It was a beautiful day outside and the tailgaters took full advantage. The beer was flowing, the grills were smoking, the footballs were flying and there was Honolulu blue and silver as far as the eye could see.

When I was finally able to make it into Ford Field you could feel the electricity in the air. I mean really feel it! This town has been so starved for a good football team that fans were ready to erupt. A big kudos to the Lions organization for recognizing this and adding to the excitement with a player introduction from world-famous boxing announcer Michael Buffer. The fans were so loud during the game that coach Jim Schwartz credited them for causing the Bears to commit 9 false starts in the game and an NFL record 6 in the 1st half alone!

This game was special.

It was the national coming-out party for the Detroit Lions fans … not the team. Lions fans showed America how much they love football and how great they can be. The Detroit Lions future looks bright and I’m sure they will have more national games to come but nothing will be as special for the fans as Monday night was.


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