DETROIT (WWJ) – Police say guns and drugs were common at the “Jump Off Boyz” after-hours club. But Wednesday, Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon put a stop to it, padlocking the building on Southfield Service Drive near Joy road in Detroit.

“The people who live around here were highly upset about it, and we’re going to continue to respond to the complaints that we get,” Napoleon said. “We are not going to allow these kinds of nonsense to exist in our community.”

The owner of the building, who has been ordered to carry thousands of dollars in insurance fees for the empty building, said he thought the tenants ran a recording studio.

“I have no control over what other people do. The building was not purchase with criminal activity proceeds,” said the owner, who did not give his name.

benny napoleon padlock Sheriff Padlocks After Hours Detroit Club

Benny Napoleon putting a padlocks the door (WWJ Photo/Chrystal Knight)

“What am I guilty of? Renting a building to somebody? … Why am I being held accountable and fiscally responsible for someone else’s’ crime?”

Sheriff Napoleon said he was simply obeying a court order. The establishment was raided three times this year.

Comments (3)
  1. mr lee says:

    It seems that the only people who had trouble finding this joint where the DPD.

  2. Sally says:

    Mr building owner may want to stop in in the future and check out what business the renters are conducting in his building. Now he is not getting any rent money unless he sues for the balance of rent due on a signed rental contract. Good luck collecting!

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