PAT CAPUTO: MSU Owns Michigan – And May For A Long Time

Bigger. More physical. Tougher. Dominating.

In every way.

No other conclusion can be made about Michigan State and its rivalry with Michigan after the Spartans’ 28-14 victory Saturday.

Michigan State isn’t just having success against the Wolverines. The Spartans own Michigan. Four straight victories say so.

The Wolverines can wax poetic about Bo and Woody and “The 10-Year War” all they want, but the Spartans have won back-to-back games against both schools.


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  • A Michigan Athlete

    Oh yea, Michigan State ????

    Well, I bet Michigan has more Chinese engineering students than MSU. See if you Spartans can beat that ! ! ! !

    I guess the Hokes on us Wolverines

  • matt lang

    i disagree, Dantonio is going to bolt for OSU soon head,
    Hoke is already getting better recruits, and MSU
    got better fast, which usually means cheating is
    going on, i have no doubt that they’ll get slammed
    hard by the NCAA soon. And to Fat Caputo:
    if someone on MSU had their head almost turned
    around you’d be screaming bloody murder,
    instead of doing the usual stupid spin control
    that you try to do.

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