A Bloomfield Township company founded by a cancer survivor and software designer is out with new software for the cancer patient.

Wellmunity Technology Monday announced Med-Track 360, the first of its kind home-based PC software for those living with cancer, their caregivers and families.

Med-Track 360 empowers those who are actively touched by cancer to actively manage their care. The software provides patients and their caretakers with the missing link in electronic medical records — their own unique and personal patient records.

The easy-to-use tool enables cancer patients to effectively run their everyday life with the goal of a more hopeful outcome. The software is priced at $249 and is available at http://www.wellmunitytechnology.com.

“Cancer is a movie,” company founder Charles Georg said. “I needed a way for my doctors to understand my movie, not just the snapshots that they saw at my appointments, so they could understand the full picture.”

Those with cancer and those who support them are faced with an overwhelming amount of information that must be tracked, organized, documented, monitored and shared. Georg was a cancer patient when he created Med-Track 360 as a solution for the demands of information management and communication.

“In the past three years I have had over 250 appointments, including radiation and chemo treatments, imaging studies, procedures and surgeries with 20 different physicians at 14 medical facilities, while taking 35 different prescriptions,” Georg said. “I was inundated with things to know, share, do, order, take, measure, monitor and remember, and communicate with my caretakers when I was not up to fully caring for myself — without the Med-Track 360, I know I would not be alive today.”

Georg said he developed Med-Track 360 for the average computer user. The software allows the user to record all aspects of their journey, from the first signs of illness through treatment, monitoring, day-to-day life and recovery with accompanying reports for sharing this invaluable information with the patients’ healthcare team.

Med-Track 360 software is used to organize, track, record, print, email and share all pertinent information such as medications, dosages, supplies, suppliers, appointments, medical contact numbers, side effects, test results, insurance claims, intakes, outputs and more. With over 200 detailed screens and 400 reports, the software is easy to tailor to the needs of each patient.

For information on purchasing the software, fund raising and distribution and sales opportunities, visit www.wellmunitytechnology.com or call (888) Wellmunity ((888) 935-5686)).


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