Harbaugh-Schwartz Feud’s Been Stewing For Months

Yesterday’s incident at midfield between Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz led everything sports-related all of Sunday night and continued through Monday morning. The randomness of the anger between the respective coaches of the 49ers and the Lions shocked everyone and sparked a slew of discussions about who would be the best coach to have in your corner for a steel-cage death match.

But maybe Harbaugh’s outburst and Schwartz anger wasn’t as random as it seems.

Perhaps, instead, we can trace the incident to a dinner in March of 2011 that featured Schwartz, Harbaugh and Ravens coach (and brother of Jim) John Harbaugh. John relates that, at the dinner, Schwartz essentially told Jim if the lockout continued, he would be unable to win as a head coach. This didn’t sit well with Jim.

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  • A Lion's Portion

    Enough said, let’s play ball and give the game back to the players. Next thing somebody will be comparing former University of Michigan QBs and victory on the playing field, witness Tom Brady, and comparing it to Jim Schwartz’ lack of U of M affiliation. Lions are doing fine, much better than last year

  • Holden

    Didn’t Mike Singletary win a handful of games when her first took over that job too?

  • Holden

    Didn’t Mike Singletary win a handful of games when he first took over that job too?

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